Combining Inserted Images in Word 2010

  Scrivers 11:10 09 Oct 2010

In previous versions of Word I could combine inserted images/pictures by selecting all inserted images, right clicking and selecting "combine" from the drop down menu. I can't find out how to do this in Office/Word 2010. Can anyone help

  lotvic 12:03 09 Oct 2010

Do you mean Group shapes or objects? if so click here

but having said that mine (Word2007) doesn't work, it won't let me select 2 pics to group so will have to investigate why. I have no problem doing it in Word 2003.

  northumbria61 12:11 09 Oct 2010

You could try pressing the F1 key to see if there is anything listed in HELP

  Eric10 12:13 09 Oct 2010

If you set a "Text Wrapping" to your images first then you can select them (Ctrl and click) and then Group is available from the right-click menu. This doesn't work if you leave the images as they are inserted without text wrapping.

  lotvic 12:50 09 Oct 2010

Well in Word 2007 with the help of click here I finally managed it.

Darned fiddly carry on compared with Word 2003 :(

  lotvic 12:59 09 Oct 2010 click here goes someway to explaining why it is different now apparently it's to do with MS Drawing Objects engine.

  Scrivers 11:31 10 Oct 2010

Thanks Everyone for such a helpful response. Yes lotvic, I did mean group objects & images. I'll give it a go

  She 15:39 06 Nov 2011

I too have been tearing my hair out trying to group frames and boxes as I used to in XP. I followed MS Word 2010 instructions and still could not do it until I accidentally pressed SHIFT instead of CONTROL - and it worked!!! So Microsoft have been leading us up the garden path when telling us to use CTRL when it should have been Shift.

  Scrivers 21:44 06 Nov 2011

Thanks for letting me know that trick She. I'll give that one a go.

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