Combining Flash Videos

  Pesala 08:55 15 Feb 2008

I have 31 flash videos *.flv files that I want to combine into one long file. I have VLC media player to play them one by one.

How can I combine them?

  Wak 11:27 15 Feb 2008

This any use??
click here

  Pesala 11:39 15 Feb 2008

It looks like that willl do the job. Easy to use, just a few clicks to get started. It will take a while to join them as it is going frame by frame. I will let you know if it works.

  Pesala 15:23 15 Feb 2008

After a couple of hours I now have three AVI files. Not a lot use. I think it splits the joined files into chunks that will fit on a single CD. Total size is 1.89 Gbytes instead of 325 Mbytes. Perhaps I should try a smaller frame size.

  Pesala 16:22 15 Feb 2008

Next attempt almost worked with a frame size of 320x240. This time I got one large file and the remainder in about 23 Mbytes.

Ho hum! Try again with a smaller frame size. I don't see any problem with the picture quality. Even the 320x240 frames look OK in fullscreen. I don't undestand why that is.

  Pesala 18:34 15 Feb 2008

Using a frame size of 176 x 144 made a big difference to the file size. The whole video is now only 455 Mbytes. The video quality is not quite good enough, but it would be handy to get it all in one file on one CD. Later, there may be more material to add.

This will do for now, but I have a lot to learn about video editing.

  Wak 22:16 15 Feb 2008

HI, If you have now got AVI files then put them ALL in MEDIACODER (FREE) and adjust the frames, size, kbps, etc to as required.
When converted, put them in to MEDIAJOIN (FREE) to make them into a single AVI file.
I use the above two programs for converting VOB to MPG, then to AVI, Join in MediaJoin and then convert back to MPG (MediaCoder) for a much smaller mpg file.
Find MediaCoder and MediaJoin in Google.
The mpg files can also be edited in VirtualDub and saved as AVI.
Does this help?

  Pesala 22:59 15 Feb 2008

I may try that later, but it sounds like a long way round. I think it should be as easy as stitching photos together to make a panorama.

It's great that one can do almost anything with free programs, but my free time is not unlimited. I want to do it all in five minutes. (~_~)

  Wak 09:31 16 Feb 2008

One other program I find very useful is GSpot from click here
This program gives all details about the entered video and also indicates any bad or faulty joins
with a red line on the graphic. These can sometimes cause the video to stop running at that point.
The bad joins can then be "ironed out" by running the video through a conversion program so that the input file is the same as the output file.
I realise that these things can consume a lot of time but, being retired, I set the computer going and just leave it to get on with it.
I think a good, clean video is well worth waiting for when you have the time like I do.

  Pesala 12:33 17 Feb 2008

I know next to nothing about Video editing, but I can see that this is a very powerful program, yet so well designed that I am already using it to convert my AVI to MP4. All seems to be going according to plan, but it will take a while to finish.

I dropped a couple of FLV files and got my original 31 files into a single AVI file of 695 Mbytes.

Apecsoft AVI 3GP Joiner has a bug where if you select a load of files it adds the last file first, and there doesn't seem to be any way to remove one file, or sort the list, so I uncheck the last file, then add it to the list again at the end.

It messes up the video if you try to do something else cpu intensive while its working. It is best to let it run alone while you have lunch or take a break.

  Pesala 15:04 17 Feb 2008

That was a bit disappointing. After a couple of hours it completed OK and looks fine, but the MP4 was bigger than the AVI. I don't see MPG in the list of formats — only MPEG1 and MPEG2 or MJPEG. MP4 was the default, and I thought that was like MP3 for Audio, so I chose that.

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