Is a combined wired/wireless network possible?

  cyberphobic 08:04 26 May 2004

I currently have a wired network which distributes broadband access to 4 PCs using a router and a 6 port hub, it works well and I don't want to change it! Having just acquired a laptop the benefits of a wireless connection are very obvious. I have been told that it would be possible to configure a wireless connection for the laptop without disrupting the existing wired network, but I can't get my head round where I would put the wireless " sender" and whether I would need to change the network's settings to include the wireless connection. The 4 desktops are on XP Pro and the laptop is on WIN 98 SE. Can anyone help with this please?

  mrdsgs 08:10 26 May 2004

plug wireless access point into ncurrent network hub.

connect wireless network card (probably usb version) into laptop.

follow the instructions that come with access point and wireless lan card.

wired and wireless will peacefully coexist!


  cyberphobic 14:07 26 May 2004

At the moment the lead from the ADSL modem goes into the Router, then the Router feeds into the upload socket on the the hub. How would I connect the wireless access point into the hub?

  cyberphobic 21:41 26 May 2004


  Charence 22:49 26 May 2004

On the existing Hub/Switch connect one of the ethernet ports to the WiFi Access Point. Connect the Wireless Access Point (AP) as you would do for any other networked computer. The AP would send and receive signals with any other nearby WiFi devices and send them back into the Hub/Switch, where your network is connected.

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If I haven't explained it properly, contact me for more details.


  cyberphobic 18:47 01 Jun 2004

Thanks for your help, will now order the kit I need for this project, might be back if I get stuck!

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