.com v .co.uk domain names

  SimpleSimon1 10:34 16 Jan 2007

Please help an old IT dog learn some new tricks!

My wife has decided that her hypnotherapy practice needs a fairly-simple web site and yours truly has been ‘volunteered’ to produce it. After turning down my initial [reasonable] offer to come up with something based on DOS batch files and ANSI.SYS control sequences (old ITers will know what I mean!) I find myself having to learn all this web gubbins from scratch.

Unfortunately, after a lot of reading (in this forum and elsewhere) and playing with HTML and Dreamweaver, I now find myself with as many questions as answers. However, having been a long-time lurker here, I hope I can trespass on peoples good-nature and patience whilst I ‘come up to speed’ (or a slow crawl, anyway!).

Many people (including ye oldee FE) seem to rate HeartInternet so that’s where I’ll be registering her domain and running her web site. However, I’m struggling to understand if there’s any real difference (apart from price) between the .com and .co.uk domains?

In common with most hypnotherapists, my wife’s practice is both small and localised. That being the case, although her chosen domain name is available on both .com and .co.uk, is there really any point in going for a .com domain? I understand that .com is considered a bit more prestigious in marketing circles but I don’t think that’s really an issue here. I know there isn’t a vast difference in price between the two domains but why burn cash when you don’t need to?

Many thanks, in anticipation

  PurplePenny 20:16 16 Jan 2007

Definitely co.uk.

If I'm looking for a local (UK) service I always limit searches to co.uk domains so that I don't have to crawl through endless .coms and other suffixes. That means that anyone who has gone for the .com doesn't get picked up.

  IClaudio 19:32 17 Jan 2007

used to annoy the bejasus out of me because it had a.com suffix _ now, it's a gov.uk, much better IMHO

  Patr100 00:08 18 Jan 2007

Yes unless you plan world domination/expansion in the next couple of years defintiely co.uk - cheaper too.

  SimpleSimon1 08:51 18 Jan 2007

Many thanks one and all
.co.uk it is!

  fitshase 22:41 18 Jan 2007

You could register both as the .com will cost about £10 per year.

This may stop anyone who is unscrupulous registering the identical address in .com and hounding you to buy it off them or worse - making the link go to an unsavoury site. I know that the business is local and small but for the small cost of having both, you are a bit better off. You then have the .com address redirecting to the .co.uk address so you don't miss any customers.

It's worth bearing in mind.

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