COM Server Warning

  User-394903 20:10 07 May 2008

Evening all,
A message headed End Program-AVG8 API Tester, which read something like; Click cancel to return to Windows, click close and unsaved applicatiions will be lost.
I replaced AVG 7.5 (Free) with AVG 8 (Free) about a week ago. I've had no problems with it till now.
An email from a friend was responded to and then I closed down in the normal way. During that process, I got a message that read; COM Server Warning. There are still active COM objects in this applicatiion. One or more clients may have references to these objects, so manually closing this application may cause those application(s) to fail.
The End Program... I have had before, but not at the same time as a warning.

Win XP, SP2 Thank you for all assistance.

  eyalku 07:18 23 May 2008

Any sugestions before looking for another antivirus?

  eedcam 07:40 23 May 2008

Several references on google plus this one
click here

  User-394903 20:53 23 May 2008

For Eyalku.I don't get the above warning any more, maybe it's because I close everything in the taskbar before shuting down. I find AVG 8 (Free) just great!

  Not got a clue 19:17 14 Jun 2008

I see that you have the same problem as me with not being able to shut down without getting a COM warning and a message from AVG 8 API tester. I see that you put the question on the forum but not being computer literate did not understand the repliies and suggetsions you got to fix it. I have tried elsewhere and still none the wiser

Could someone please let me know if there is any easy basic information to fix the problem or tell me a web site or a forum relpy that would assist.

any help would be greatly appreciated

  PCWhirled 17:06 27 Jun 2008

Hi there, reading forum messages it seems that I'm not the first to come across "Com Server" Warning" after installing AVG8 (Free)

ie " There are still active COM objects in this applicatiion. One or more clients may have references to these objects, so manually closing this application may cause those application(s) to fail." I had no probs with AVG 7.5

But as a non-techy I'm still not clear if there's an (easily understood!) solution to this?

As far as I can tell all explorer applications are closed - am wondering if it's anything to do with AVG-Yahoo toolbar which seems to be part of the programme.

Any further advice appreciated.

  User-394903 17:41 27 Jun 2008

Closing down all programs in the task bar before shuting down should resolve the issue regarding the Com Server Warning. All I can say is that doing that works for me.
Hope this helps.

  crosstrainer 17:54 27 Jun 2008

AVG 8 works well for some, and not for others...I have it on my XP Pro machine, and it's fine.

Both high spec Vista machines simply spit it out...Error after error, until I gave up with it.

  OCRIDION 18:52 27 Jun 2008

Communication Object Model (COM)
Its a interface standard for a program to address objects inside its self. Thus the program is private to the program and is a bug. If its only happened with this program then try reinstalling the program,. or updating. If it is happening with lots of programs then a DLL file may be currupt than manages COM.

Try going to RUN and type SFC /SCANNOW

NOTE: You will need your Windows XP disc.

  PCWhirled 16:55 28 Jun 2008

Many thanks all for quick responses & informed advice.

I've now uninstalled/reinstalled AVG8 prog & it still seems to have made no difference to Com... error message :-(

"OCRIDION" re-your suggestion: "Try going to RUN and type SFC /SCANNOW" : Only seem to have a single Windows XP (home) disc - which apparently has "Windows XP Professional Service 2 CD pack" on it so assume that should be right one - but not sure what to do at first prompt!? ie "What do you want to do" menu? which lists a series of options last 2 being:

Perform additional tasks;
Check System Compatability

Beginning to wonder if I can't get to resolve this with AVG8, about any alt suggestions for other free virus progs? Am assuming that even if I paid for "full v of AVG8 there's no guarantee that it'll be OK.

Anyhow thanks again.

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