com ports

  john1000 10:41 18 Nov 2007

hi i have a ibm laptop that has 1 lpt port and 1 com port, in device manager it says com port 1 i am trying to run some software for my phone to put ring tones on etc but it wont communicate on com 1,i went to device manager and deleted the com port rebooted laptop found new hardware comport buildind driver database etc,now when i went into device manager it now says com port 2 tryed my sofware it now works on com port 2 which is good but if i switch laptop off then on again the com port changes to com 1 again lol and software dont work why is it doing this help much appreciated.

  mgmcc 12:18 18 Nov 2007

A computer's physical Serial port is normally COM1 and an internal modem, for example, may use a port such as COM2 or COM3. Does your phone's software that you've installed in the PC not have the option to select which COM port it connects on?

  john1000 07:38 20 Nov 2007

yes it does but when i select com 1 and device manager says com 1 it wont work its not until i delete com1 port reboot it then changes to com 2 and if i then set software up on that port it works fine

  mgmcc 08:42 21 Nov 2007

How are you connecting the phone to the laptop? Are you connecting it with an RS232 Serial Cable to the laptop's Serial Port (which will be COM1) or via another means such as USB, Infrared or Bluetooth?

If it isn't a connection directly to the laptop's serial port, can you not set the software to use the port that does work, i.e. COM2?

  john1000 18:59 21 Nov 2007

yes i am setting software to work on com port 2 but the only way to get it to show com port 2 is by deleting it first then rebooting i only have 1 com port but it changes to comport 2 after delting and rebooting thats the main problem i have to do this every time i cant user it when it says com 1

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