.com domain name and hosting package

  jolorna 20:55 12 Oct 2004

it might be a dumb question but i have been looking around and most seem to be giving prices based on a, co.uk address and not a .com needing a good hosting company but not having to pay the earth

  Taran 21:17 12 Oct 2004

All good hosts will allow you to host a site with any domain suffix you like. I have all kinds of domains, including .co.uk, .com, .net and .info and I have hosted them with all sorts of hosts, from Web-Mania, 1&1, 2020 Media and Easily, to name just a few.

Select the domain name and suffix you want, register it and host it. Most good hosts will allow you to do this under the one roof.

1&1 are about the least expensive for registering the domain. You may find far cheaper hosting with another provider though, and the 1&1 control panel allows simple DNS management so you can point a domain registered through them to any web host you like.

  jolorna 21:29 12 Oct 2004

thanks for your reply but watching this forum 1&1 seems to have a bad name at the moment im just trying to gather some info for a friend the domain name he wants is available but i have been trying to find a price to give him a few figures to go on because he has to discuss it with his brother who is a partner

  Taran 22:03 12 Oct 2004

I admit that I no longer use 1&1 myself after a number of problems, but a great many people do use them for all kinds of sites and the majority of their customers are very satisfied.

Any and all hosts can have issues now and then, so don't take the few poor examples in this forum as any kind of realistic benchmark. There are tens of thousands of satisfied 1&1 customers, and any host will have its share of dissatisfied service users.

Web-Mania click here and Web Attention click here are both inexpensive and appear to offer good value/service.

I'd repeat that you won't find a cheaper domain registrar than 1&1 though.

  jolorna 22:26 12 Oct 2004

thanks for your help i will close the thread tomorrow morning incase any other suggestions come forward i have had a look at all those sites and thanks again

  jolorna 07:41 13 Oct 2004

thanks for your link as well will close the thread now thanks everyone

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