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  AFoxyLady 16:31 08 Aug 2006

I approached a local company in July of last year with the intenion of them bulding a fully working e-commerce web site.

The purchased the .co.uk domain name for us in July, and I have the nominet certificate. I knw they must also have purchased the .com, as we either of our urls will work.

After numerous mails, and now on our second "Rebuild", and having paid half of the price, we still do not have a web site that we are happy with. We wish to change to another company, who have started to mock up a new site for us already using flash. (We have since decided that we do not need the e-commerce, and will use he web site purely as an online brochure)

My question is...
How can I find out how they to move the .com when I have no paperwork.

Nominet have been very helpful and we can change to another company as long as they have the tag or key.

I am an expert in my own field, but am floundering here now, and need some real sensible help and advise. We need the domain name, but to be honest, I can see nothing but trouble ahead.

Any help and advice on how to proceed would be very gratefully received.

  AFoxyLady 19:59 08 Aug 2006

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply, not sure if it might be more diplomatic for me to mail you direct with the url name.

The company hosting it is the same company that has/is designed it, and they are hosting both the .com and the .co.uk

I suppose it has been the total lack of guidance on their part. We asked them to design the site as we knew nothing about web designing. I understand that HTML is a long winded code, and maybe it might have been better for them to mock up a site with a few products rather than work on all the products and then come back to us. The site (s) we have now are bland. The existing site was not that easy to use, and the new test site as no prescence at all. Like looking at a plate of boiled plaice mashed potatoe and cauliflower!

We have alreadsy paid them £1000 and they are now chasing us for the balance of £1000, which we are very reluctant to pay, and will probably offer them £500 and to cut and run.

I know nothing about Flash, and did take on board your comment about pans and fires.... I just hope that we are not making yet another huge mistake!


  Forum Editor 22:16 08 Aug 2006

as you might think - at least with regard to your domain names.

As the registered holder of the names you may host them wherever you like, and your first design company has no say in the matter. All that's necessary is for you to do this:-

Send a fax (on headed paper) to the outgoing company, telling them that you wish the names to be retagged to your new host's IPSTAG. Inform them that they'll shortly receive a transfer request from the new host (name the host). Then tell your new host that you've done that, and ask them to try to transfer the name into your new hosting account.

Nominet do not need to be involved, and in fact will not wish to become involved - unless you enter into an official dispute procedure with the old host. Try to avoid that at all costs, by the way, because it can be a long-winded affair. If push comes to shove, Nominet will intervene and force the move, but not until they're satisfied that you have exhausted all other avenues - it's by far the best thing to get the old host to do the retag (which takes ten minutes).

You can't move a name if it is within 60 days of renewal by the way - you must wait until renewal is completed. I think it's 60 days, I'm a tad pushed for time right now, and I haven't re-checked.

Choose your new host with care - all that glisters is definitely not gold in the web-hosting business. My host of choice is click here - partly because I run a reseller account with them, and host several dozen of my clients' sites there, but partly because they are streets ahead of just about any other web host I've ever used - and over the years I've used lots of them.

If you need specific help with hosting matters just ask, but in the meantime I agree with fourm member on two counts - negotiate with the old host on the design fee front, and avoid being talked into a Flash site like the plague. Flash has its place in site design, but the days of full Flash sites are gone as far as 'straight' commercial clients are concerned - unless you run a computer games company, or an extremely techie animation business. Stick to clean, fast-loading, easy-to-edit HTML for your site - you'll be very glad you did if you intend to pay the new company for ongoing site maintenance.

  AFoxyLady 22:45 08 Aug 2006

Thanks very much for all the constructive comments and help received. Its a mine field out there! And one not always easy to follow.

With the help that has been given here tonight, I hope this messy situation can be resolved.

As John said the design and hosting company has some high profile accounts, which was one of the reasons I chose them, that and they are very local, and I pass there door virtually every day on the way to work! But goes to prove that not all companies can come through with the goods.

Once again, many thanks for all your comments, perhaps John you would like to let me know what you actually think of the two urls. As for their terms and conditions and the particular way in which we have been "looked after".

I approached them over a year ago now, they purchased the domain name in July of last year, giving me a verbal quote at that time for the bulding of the site. It was not until December when I chased them that we then received a written quote of sorts! A totally unprofessional way to run a company especially when they have such large customers. Perhaps communication on their part, and ours was at fault.

  Forum Editor 23:33 08 Aug 2006

on the fact that you're unhappy with the service you've received from this company, and engage them in a dialogue about that. The domain name issue shouldn't be a problem - they have no cause to hamper your efforts to transfer the names to another host, and if they do, you're on very strong ground.

The fact that they may have entered themselves as administrative contacts on the registration is no cause for alarm - in fact it's a very common procedure for a host who registers names on behalf of customers - I do it myself, when registering names for my clients. When a name is moved from one host to another, both the registrant (you) and the admin contact (whoever that is) must agree to the move. In the normal course of events that's not a problem, but sometimes - usually if there's some kind of a dspute in process - the admin contact (who is usually the host) will delibertely delay the move. This can be extremely frustrating, and it's obviously a good idea to prevent it from happening if at all possible.

I've dealt with dozens of these disputes over the years, and if you need specfic advice on how to handle these people feel free to ask. It might be an idea to let me have their name via email if you decide on that course of action - otherwise I don't really need to know.

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