Colours on my monitor

  AJ Beer 07:46 23 Feb 2004

Help please! My monitor is changing colour from the left hand side of the screen across to the right hand side for about 2/3 inches. For intance the threads box colours(to your left) is showing purple lettering instead of blue.Orange is changing to green etc. If I drag the IE window away from the left of the screen it all returns to the correct colours.
Is this what I think it is? My monitor is kaput???
I had to move it recently whilst doing some DIY and whilst I was very careful with it I did lay it on its side for a day or two. Will this have made a difference?

  fredo3 07:52 23 Feb 2004

AJ the tube is on its way out

  AJ Beer 07:55 23 Feb 2004

I thought it was. Oooohhhh dear!!! รดรด

  Djohn 08:10 23 Feb 2004

Have you tried the degauss button on your monitor? Sometimes moving the monitor will cause this affect but a quick click on the degauss will put things right again. j.

  bloo meeny 17:28 23 Feb 2004

Note: degauss button may show as a horseshoe magnet symbol with a line through it - If no button, then most monitors will perform degauss anyway when switched off for a minute, then back on.

See how it goes for a few days - but do NOT degauss several times in a row, you could make it worse !!

  AJ Beer 17:57 23 Feb 2004

Thanks for your help everyone. Rang Relisys, the manufacturer and found I still have a year on my 3year on site warranty. They listened to the problem and are sending a new one by courier tomorrow!! Wow I couldn't believe it. I have never had service like that .... ever!

Once again thanks to all who responded.

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