Colours on calendar

  GeoffR 16:20 28 Jul 2010

I subscribe to and one of the facilities is a calendar in which I can indicate when the property is rented or available. This is achieved by colouring the days in either red or green.

For some months I have been losing the colours and just a bar appears in the day boxes which are booked - the page titles still appear in red and green. If I copy the calendar and past it into a Word document it comes out correctly. The same thing happens on my desktop and my laptop but other computers produce the calendar in its correct colours. Holiday Lettings assure me that there is no problem at their end and othere local computer users say the same.

I can find no facility on the web page for switching colours on or off. Any bright ideas

Geoff Richards

  rawprawn 17:00 28 Jul 2010

Which browser are you using, if it's IE8 try restoring it to default settings

  GeoffR 10:21 29 Jul 2010

I have restored IE8 to original settings but sorry to say it has made no difference

  Woolwell 10:55 29 Jul 2010

Are you using the same anti-virus, etc on the desktop and laptop?
Does it appear ok in other browsers eg Firefox?

  GeoffR 14:27 29 Jul 2010

I have tried Firefox but no change. The same anti virus etc is on both machines.
The Calendar is of course a web page on the hoklidaylettings website. Perhaps you would like to try it anhd see what result you get - the address is click here. I suspect the calendar will come up in colour which doesn't get me any further !

  rawprawn 14:40 29 Jul 2010

I don't get anything at all on your link.

  onthelimit 15:16 29 Jul 2010

With my IE 7, the booked dates are red with a horizontal black linw through them. Rest are green. Weekends pink or light green.

  rawprawn 15:46 29 Jul 2010

No problem in Firefox, Red, Pink and Grey/Green
Can't understand IE8 not seeing it.

  Woolwell 16:27 29 Jul 2010

Briefly tun off your anti-virus and see if that makes a difference.

  GeoffR 17:45 29 Jul 2010

Turned anti virus off but still no colours. It is a great mystery: I get no problem with other web pages and I see from the responses that nobody else does with the calendar page. If there was a problem with my computer only why does it happen with the laptop - they both go through the same router of course.

  rawprawn 18:07 29 Jul 2010

There is something odd, I still cannot connect to your link using IE8.
Firefox is fine.

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