coloured stripes at boot

  radi8or 11:58 08 Nov 2003

Hi people,
Have a home built comp. running XP Home with an
Albatron Ti 4280PV nVIDIA chipset graphic card,
just recently on boot up have got coloured stripes running vertically across screen,also have a 3D screen saver which after running a few minutes freezes.

Could this be caused by the new ForceWare driver or something more serious,have checked seating of card and fan on card is working.

Any advice gratefully received

regards Bob

  radi8or 13:30 08 Nov 2003


  Rayuk 16:04 08 Nov 2003

To find out I would suggest going back to an earlier driver see if the problem persists.

  radi8or 16:17 08 Nov 2003

Hi Rayuk
was typing new post to say I had just done that
and it does.
Do you think uninstalling and starting over would prove anything,am trying to pinpoint if it is the graphics card or something else.

any ideas ?

regards Bob

  Rayuk 16:26 08 Nov 2003

If you can would suggest putting it in another pc to test it.

When you say you have checked it is seated do you mean you have removed it then put it back in,if you can use another pc you could always try reinserting it again before you do.

  radi8or 16:34 08 Nov 2003

didn't actually remove it just made sure it hadn't
worked loose somehow.

Don,t have another computer or know anyone close enough who'd let me root around inside theirs.

might buy a cheepy and see if that cures.

regards Bob

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