Colour-serperated Printing

  silverdragon41 11:41 06 Jan 2009

ok, I seem to be having problems with this.

I have just finished a leaflet in college on Publisher 2003. It is in Red and Black. I have to now make a print of ONLY the red Items on the leaflet.

When I try, an error comes up saying "Publisher can not print this publication." It goes on about it could be that the printer is set to Postscript Language Level 1. And that it will only work if it is set to Postscript Level 2 or more.

I followed the instructions on how to change it. With the HP 1310 printer, the instructions did not fit. I could find nothing about Postscript. With the HP 1220C printer, the instructions took me to where Postscript should be, but there was no Postscript in the Advanced Options.

I took it home and tried on my printer. An Epson Stylus (forgot the number). Again I could not find anything with Postscript.

SO. question is. How on earth do I change the postscript for these printers? If I cant do it, I fail my course. even the tutor dosnt know :(

  Sea Urchin 13:22 06 Jan 2009

Your printer has to be enabled with Adobe Postscript technology - of the three printers you mention I would suggest that the HP1220C is the most likely. It would have to be the HP1220C/ps model.

It looks encouraging, because you say that the instructions took you to where Postscript should be - it could be shown just as PS level.

You could try downloading the postscript drivers to update the postscript capabilities - hopefully you are on XP as I don't think it will work on Vista

click here

Good luck in your project

  silverdragon41 13:46 06 Jan 2009

oh, its a HP psc 1315 and a HP Deskjet 1220C

  silverdragon41 14:14 06 Jan 2009

Yes, I am using Windows XP.

The Printer you mention is the Deskjet 1220C. When I go into Advanced Options It has Dropdown bars. Like this:

Paper/Output: Paper Size: A4
Colour count: 1 copy

Graphic: Print Quality: 300x300 dots per inch
Image Colour Management: ICM Method
ICM Intent
Document Options: Advanced Printing features
Colour Print Mode: Monochrome
Printer Features: Print mode: Auto
Photo mode: off
Print Quality: Draft
Brightness: Normal
Intensity: Normal
Colour Tone: Normal
Saturation: Normal
Ink Volume: Normal
Optimize for photo copy or fax: off

  Woolwell 14:27 06 Jan 2009

The problem is that few (if any inkjets) are postscript printers. The instructions that you get indicate that you do not have a postscript printer and/or driver installed.
This article and the next page of it should be helpful click here

  woodchip 19:12 06 Jan 2009

The program defines what you print with. Photo Shop should support Colour-serperates Printing

  woodchip 19:13 06 Jan 2009

Other than that any good Desktop Publishing should do it

  Sea Urchin 19:18 06 Jan 2009

Even Publisher 2003 does colour separation prints

  Woolwell 19:29 06 Jan 2009

woodchip and Sea Urchin - Yes Publisher 2003 does do colour separation but when you come to print the colours separately then it requires postscript unless you know another way.

  woodchip 20:19 06 Jan 2009

Doublt you would get a Postscript printer today

  woodchip 21:11 06 Jan 2009

I have Program that prints colour separation info, a old GPS Program It prints the Info on the bottom of the print or on another page. for taking for retail printing

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