Colour reproduction

  Digital 15:27 09 Sep 2004

I use a Kodak 6340 EasyShare camera & an Epson Stylus Photo 830 printer with PhotoQuicker software. Compared with photoshop prints off the memory card, the 830 prints look "flat" & colour reproduction is poor. Anybody got any ideas why & what I can do to improve matters (apart from taking the card to a photoshop, that is!)

  Simon_P 15:45 09 Sep 2004

The colour space in basic terms is the ammount of colours that a printer can re-produce.

I can't speak for all printers but most and maybe all inkjets dont have the capacity to print all the colours that a photo lab printing service can achieve.

Updating your printer’s drivers and ICM colour management profiles may help

Different photo paper may also reduce/increase colour definition

  Digital 15:53 09 Sep 2004

Thanks Simon7063. The drivers are up to date but if you can give me any advice on the ICM colour profiles or where I can get clear advice on them, I'd be much obliged.

  Simon_P 15:57 09 Sep 2004

I dont have specific knoledge on Epson printers but this may help.

ICC printer profiles from Epson

click here

  pj123 16:02 09 Sep 2004

What version of Photoquicker do you have. I have two Epson printers both with "Print Image Matching" and I don't get any problems. I have Photoquicker version 3.5 downloadable from click here

Make sure you select the right paper and quality before you print.

  Simon_P 16:02 09 Sep 2004

Also click here

Enter your O/S printer etc.

scroll down the list to the ICC colour profiles

  Stuartli 16:13 09 Sep 2004

Some basic but comprehensive Microsfot information on Colour Management configurations:

click here

What you see on a monitor is not necessarily what you will see when reproduced by a printer.

  Diemmess 16:18 09 Sep 2004

Several years back I bought my first Digital Camera. Helpful advice from salesman quoting his rep. "Increase Contrast by 25% for starters."

Of course there is much more to it than that. Some of the better software will change the equalisation levels for you, but in the end it is subjective and all colour profiles depend sooner or later on choosing what seems best for you.

The skill comes in being methodical and immensely patient. I'm not, but if you are you will be able to reproduce time after time the result you want.

  Digital 17:02 09 Sep 2004

Thanks everyone, I'll go away & try everything you've suggested.

  Wak 21:00 09 Sep 2004

HI, You may find the following sites to be of use when adjusting your monitor.
click here
click here

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