Colour Problem

  Screamerjo 10:42 09 Apr 2004

Hope someone can help.
I've had my computer for a few months (passed on from family).
Ever since I've had it I can only see the following colours - blue, grey, white, black and bright yellow. I have no reds, greens, pinks, purples etc. This problem is on the internet (Liverpool FC no longer have red shirts but gold shirts) and on packages - word etc.
Currently use Windows 98 - do you think if I upgraded it would solve the problem?
Not sure if it is a monitor problem as before I start the computer- the screen shows rainbow colours, including green and red.
Perhaps something has been accidently deleted from my programs??

  Wak 11:23 09 Apr 2004

Hi, Try this before you do anything else.
Right click the Desk Top/ Properties/ Settings tab.
Check that the colour is set to High Colour 16 bit. Now click on the Advanced Button at the bottom/ Gamma Correction tab and check that the slider has not been moved up to the top (Bluish).
If it has, return the slider to the centre (uncalibrated).
I hope this helps.

  Wak 09:56 11 Apr 2004

Well?? Did it help??
Have you got your problem sorted out yet???

  johnnyrocker 10:44 11 Apr 2004

bad manners not to reply..


  Wak 09:48 12 Apr 2004

He (she?) could be away for Easter, Johnny.
Let's wait and see!

  Screamerjo 19:54 12 Apr 2004

Hi Wak

Thanks for the advice, sorry for the delay in replying, been away for a couple of days (not being bad mannered -johnnyrocker).

Tried everything you suggested and it was already on 16 bit and the gamma bar was in the centre. So problem not solved yet, I'm afraid.

  johnnyrocker 21:35 12 Apr 2004

humble apologies clearly some of us didnt have to work;)


  Wak 21:52 12 Apr 2004

Could it be a Monitor Driver problem???
Right click MY COMPUTER/ select Properties/ Device Manager/ highlight the Monitor/ select Properties and check out the driver(s).

  woodchip 22:04 12 Apr 2004

If your monitor is a CRT then one of the colour guns inside as gone and it's not worth mending the price of a new one 19" CRT by CTX for less than £105.70 click here or this 17" at £77.55 click here

  Screamerjo 14:18 13 Apr 2004

I shall check your advice tonight when I've got more time (on my lunch). Might be playing dumb here- what does CRT mean?

Think it might be a monitor problem as I didn't have any monitor selected (very strange as it has 2 previous owners)not sure which option to choose on the monitor- it is a Fujitsu screen- but doesn't say what type on the monitor itself or the instructio book- any tips? Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place.

Will let you know how I get on tonight

  woodchip 22:19 13 Apr 2004

Cathode Ray Tube

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