Colour Printer

  [email protected]® 17:09 23 Oct 2005

Would someone recommend a good colour printer. I am willing to pay upto £100 but I don't want one that guzzles the ink!! It will mainly be for photos. It doesn't have to have black as I have a cheap black printer which is excellant for docs etc.

  CMC 42 17:26 23 Oct 2005

We have an HP 3650.

You can't go far wrong with HP printers, their printing times can be slightly slower than other computers but Ink Cartridges tend to last for about 2 months - when the low on ink appears the ink cartridges normally last for another 2 weeks.

We used to have an Epson but now we wouldn't get a Printer that isn't an HP due to the ink cartridges lasting longer, the ink cartridges being cheaper, and HP printers being more reliable than Epson anyway.

  [email protected]® 17:53 23 Oct 2005

So who do we think is the best make people? Some links would be handy too. Thanks

  Bagsey 17:53 23 Oct 2005

I use an Epson R300 which is an excellent printer and I have bought cartridges for £1.00 each from click here they are compitable carts. but are very satisfactory in use. I dont think that you will get anything cheaper.
I noticed today that PC World have the Epson R200 in the store for £70.00 .

  pj123 17:55 23 Oct 2005

Well, obviously we are all going to recommend the printer we are using (otherwise why have we got it?)

I have 3 Epson printers connected to 2 PCs.

An Epson 895 (old now), An Epson R200 and an Epson C42. I don't have any problems with them and I get all my replacement ink from Choice Stationery at click here

Check out Epson printers here click here

All of which appear to be within your price range.

  [email protected]® 18:04 23 Oct 2005

Thanks pj123 but you may have bought one and it turned out to rubbish!!!

  Totally-braindead 18:27 23 Oct 2005

I like Epsons for the same reason as pj123 and also use Choice compatibles. The R200 is basically the R300 without the card reader, its been replaced with the R220 I think and you can get it for £62.99 delivered free from , haven't actually seen a review of it yet though cos its so new, the R200 is good and if you can find somewhere that still has it you might get it cheap because its discontinued.

  [email protected]® 18:39 23 Oct 2005

I did actually buy a R200 and it was faulty so not that keen on getting another.

  steven_frost 18:46 23 Oct 2005

I have the R200 and as i take alot of pictures and print them out it is great to be honest i would never print direct from the card. also use good photo paper like kodak as you will get a better result and as for the cost of ink staples are doing the 6 ink cartigaes for £40 and i know argous do them for £45 for all 6

  CMC 42 18:50 23 Oct 2005

HP 3650 doesn't seem to be available anymore but click here is a more recent HP printer.

I have an all-in-one printer (HP psc 1215) that I got for about £49 but wouldn't reccomend that for what you want to do and it does seem rather prone to paper-jams.

  [email protected]® 18:53 23 Oct 2005

Thanks CMC 42 but u said up the top u had a HP 3650!? Getting confused now!

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