Collisions on a switch

  philharris433 09:15 14 Mar 2007


I have recently had problems with a switch at a school I work in. Every now and again the stop passing on data and I have recently discovered this is down to data collisions on the switch. Each light on the switch is blinking rapidly at different times and nothing will pass unless I disconnect each port and reconnect one at a time. The switch is quite full and I have tried a different switch but get the same issue. Does anyone have any ideas?


  wfulton_2121 11:01 14 Mar 2007

Are you using cisco switches?

It sounds like there is an issue with convergence.

If you are using cisco gear you could consider configuring stp

  philharris433 11:10 14 Mar 2007

Well the first switch was netgear and the second belkin. The switch is also linked to what is the main switch in the school.


  wfulton_2121 11:17 14 Mar 2007

The switch that you call the main switch may look like the main switch to you, but STP (spanning tree protocol) could well have selected another switch in your network as the Root bridge (main switch).

The Root bridge is the central switch in the network, and if this switch is placed incorrectly there can be serious issues with convergence and switching of traffic accross the LAN.

Having a multi vendor enviroment makes it difficultt to troubleshoot using utilities like SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocl)

If you could manage to configure SNMP you could gather valuable information abou traffic on your network.

  philharris433 15:52 17 Mar 2007

Thanks, ill take a look into doing that

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