collected.r virus

  Elrond 18:38 13 Feb 2004

After having a hard drive clear out I did a full system scan with AVG. It found the above virus deep in the depths of C:\System volume information. I have promptly removed the virus but was wondering if anybody could tell me about it and the effects it may have had on my PC. Cheers

  anon1 18:50 13 Feb 2004

Where did you get the name of the virus from? It does not show up with a google search or on the antivirus website.

  Elrond 18:53 13 Feb 2004

yeah, did a google myself but couldn't find it. Collected.r was what AVG named it and who am I to argue. LOL

  Elrond 18:54 13 Feb 2004

Its a Trojan Horse

  VoG II 18:55 13 Feb 2004

I tried a search for it on the AVG site and found nothing!

  anon1 19:21 13 Feb 2004

Well it is not even listed as a hoax. Maybe you never got the name correct, if you look in the results of avg find the virus info and click details you can get a better handle on it

  Elrond 19:23 13 Feb 2004

I will again say that AVG has reported it as a trojan horse called collected.r. Unless I 've miraculously forgotten how to read.

  nick_j007 20:04 13 Feb 2004

Easy tiger!

  anon1 11:19 14 Feb 2004

Elrond, easy tiger. nobody suggested you could not read. In the results of avg all virus found is listed and you can get more details from that list. Although it is reported as collected.r it may be that avg has mis-named it. You can search all the virus comapanies data bases and you will find no reference to it. Unless you are using avg pro there is not much else you can do except sit back and relax because if nothing else it shows avg is working. If you have avg pro then contact Grisoft and ask them to explain (only pro version is supported). Just as a matter of interest do you have spybot or similar on your pc?

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