Coldfusion MX7, and Apache 2.0.55

  andywolve 11:45 31 Dec 2005

Hello there,

I hope I have placed this in the right forum.

I have installed Apache 2.0.55 meaning that it was the latest stable release, and I used the Windows Installer which was available.

I then came to install Coldfusion MX 7, the (free) developers edition for the webserver.
However when I came to say the webserver was Apache and it asked for the configuation file, it came up with the error:

"Macromedia Coldfusion MX 7 does not support this versionof Apache. The minimum supported Apache versions are 1.3.12 or higher for Apache 1.x and 2.0.43 or higher for Apache 2.x"

I havent configuered Apache since installing, could that be the reason why?

Any ideas?

  Forum Editor 11:46 31 Dec 2005

in our WebDesign forum - so I'll move it.

  andywolve 11:52 31 Dec 2005

Thanks Forum Editor,

I should read the forum description better, sorry!


  Forum Editor 12:03 31 Dec 2005

The 7.01 trial version of ColdFusion should work, so you'll need to spend time checking your installation.

  Taran 12:15 31 Dec 2005

ColdFusion can be a pain in the rear at times when, for reasons best known to itself, it decides to overlook the existence of Apache on a Windows PC.

Some people have to start installing Apache connectors and all kinds of other rubbish while others seem to be able to just agree with a few prompts and off they go.

I played with a system a few months ago where a ColdFusion installation went haywire. After carefully setting the system up I tried ColdFusion 7 and it refused outright to complete installation into Apache. I went through every option I could think of, ran dozens of searches online and read and re-read more ColdFusion documentation than I care to admit to. Keep in mind that I often set up and configure live web servers as well as domestic test server environments and you can imagine my frustration.

Pulling a Ghost image of that same PC back and running installation of ColdFusion again went as smooth as you like. Go figure. I never did find out what was going wrong and why - everything that should have been done was done but the installation just didn't want to know the first time around.

Nothing in the above rant is directly helpful to you, so here we go:

click here for a whole series of ColdFusion tutorials direct from Macromedia (now Adobe)

You don't say whether you are using Dreamweaver. If you are you have to be using Dreamweaver 8 for full support of the ColdFusion 7 environment. Dreamweaver MX 2004 can be brought up to speed by installing a plug-in available from the Macromedia Exchange click here

There is some excellent information available if you visit this link: click here

It has some good detail on how to configure Apache and IIS to prep them for ColdFusion.

There are so many ways of installing Apache and ColdFusion it is impossible to offer a walk-through here, but if you visit the above links you should come up with something pertinent.


  Taran 12:18 31 Dec 2005

Servers have to be tweaked sometimes to accept additional features and ColdFusion places its own demands on them.

You can opt to install ColdFusion as a standalone server environment on your PC. This operates independently of either Apache or IIS and allows your ColdFusion pages to be properly handled and processed without depending on either of the previously mentioned web servers.

This is an interesting option and one of the easiest to install, although I appreciate it solves nothing if you really want or need ColdFusion installed into Apache for specific reasons.

  Taran 13:04 01 Jan 2006

From the Macromedia LiveDocs site:

Web Server connectors not installed

Problem: If you install ColdFusion MX 7 on Apache 2.0.50, the configuration file is not updated automatically.

Solution: You must install the Web Server connectors manually, as described in Configuring web servers. click here

Most of my web development is done on Apache 1.3.34 which is far easier to install ColdFusion on.

I tried a ColdFusion installation on Apache 2 and it failed miserably, as predicted in the LiveDocs, to automatically update the relevant files necessary for it to run.

A deal of reconfiguring may be required: click here and click here

I'm off to wrestle with this system to get ColdFusion installed and running. Wish me luck...


  Taran 16:08 01 Jan 2006

Thank goodness for Ghost images - well, Acronis True Image actually.

I've been playing on my main laptop this last couple of hours trying to persuade ColdFusion MX 7.1 to install into the latest version of Apache.

After lots of hand tweaking of various files to reach the point where I was comfortable in being able to replicate my work on a clean install I decided to uninstall ColdFusion using Add/Remove programs to re-run the entire process over.

The idea was to verify my findings and report back.

The ColdFusion uninstall killed my icon cache stone dead. A reboot also highlighted several other issues, which I shan't bother going into here.

Rather than fool around any more I'm re-imaging my notebook, then I'll start afresh and see where I end up.

Fun this computer lark, isn't it ?


  andywolve 11:14 04 Jan 2006

I think it has been installed on my webserver, i set up the coldfusion server, then went to configure it, to point to Apache. It didnt come up with any errors.

So I believe its now running properly.

Thanks for your help!

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