Cold Digital Camera

  shellship 18:57 06 Dec 2004

We are taking the g/kids to Lapland for a couple of Santa-viewing days. Temperature likely to be -20 to -5 Centigrade. Any views out there on whether this will damage Pentax Optio 550 camera? Might it not work at all.

  JFT 19:10 06 Dec 2004

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Google is your friend!

  Salinger 19:20 06 Dec 2004

Most makers seem to recommend an operating environment between 0 degress C and 40 degrees C. guess you could try and keep the camera warm and only remove it from a padded case to shoot.

  TECHNODIMWIT 19:30 06 Dec 2004

be careful when moving the camera between diffrant temp enviroments. cold to warm, can cause a condensation problem.
I would try and keep the camera in an internal pocket, and only bring it out as needed.
Also batteries start to fail as they get cold


  Dorsai 20:16 06 Dec 2004

To avoid the condensation problem there is the possability of useing a water proof case, as used by divers underwater.

It would also act as a layer of insulation. If you put the camera in the case in a nice dry place, then there should, in theory at least, be little moisture in the case to form condensation to start with. And any moisture should form into condensation onto the inside of the case, instead of the insides of the camer.

As for a dry place, try a car with air con, on full blast, with the re-circulation button on. Makes the air very dry.

Have no idea if it works, but the theory sounds fine.

  Graham ® 20:24 06 Dec 2004

Silica gel is the stuff for absorbing moisture

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  jack 20:30 06 Dec 2004

Do Reindeer Sleighs have air con?

The leg of a thick woollen sock - a bit of knicker lastik - and imagination - that'l do it.

On holiday this year I became concerned over my Olmypus E10 getting rained on and sand blasted
We were in UK -how did you guess. Herself purchased a pair of trainers. They came in one of those tough transparent plactic bags That and a couple elestic bands became my shower and sand proof

  hssutton 20:31 06 Dec 2004

There's a lot of discussion about cold weather shooting -20c on the Canon 300D forum. batteries will be your biggest concern, but have a read for yourself click here

  Dorsai 20:43 06 Dec 2004

A plastic bag + silica gel sachet...So obvious, and free..

  shellship 11:39 18 Dec 2004

Thanks to all. Camera returned safely with reindeer, elves and Santa inside (I hope).

  spanneress 11:48 18 Dec 2004

I think that you should share the pictures - festive season and all that - then I can prove to my nephews it is not all made up babble.


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