Coimputer turns on by itself

  Wessie 09:35 08 May 2003

I am having a strange problem with my computer recently. I turn it off when I have finished using it but somehow it turns itself back on. I know that I definetly turned it off because I got my girlfriend to check it. I also know that I am not going mad because my girlfriend has also experieced the problem. I am worried that Hackers maybe getting in and turning my computer on, is this possible? Has anyone experienced this problem before how did you resolve it?

  Lozzy 09:52 08 May 2003

Waht OS are you running??

  Lú-tzé 10:23 08 May 2003

In the BIOS there is often a setting to "wake on LAN" or "wake on modem" - if your phone rings and the modem is plugged in, it may cause the PC to startup.

When restarting the pc you may see an invitation to "press del to enter setup" - this will get you into the BIOS. If not, there are other ways, often by pressing f2. Have a look in the BIOS and see what is there.

  Wessie 12:57 08 May 2003

Thanks for your replies.I am using windows 2000. I have a seperate line for my telephone and computer but I do have a mulifunction device attached to the computer could the fax trigger it off.

  Gemma 13:49 08 May 2003

If your computer is off i.e. the power supply has no mains voltage i.e. the PC power switch is off, then only pressing the switch can turn it on. Compliant PC's turn the switch off by a command at the end of the shut down process. What is happening to you (faults apart) is that your PC is going into stand-by or hibernate and is being woken by any of a number of events: mouse movement, wake-on-LAN, wake-on-serial-port (modem),wake-on-time, .....

As Lú-tzé says, check the BIOS. You can manually check your power switch by pressing and holding it for 10 seconds. Normally the power will drop in about 5, if it goes 10 then there is a problem.

  FreshGear 11:30 22 May 2003

I am having the same problem, Windows 98 SE reboot after complete shut down so I have to select shut down to dos and off the pc manually.

If there is solution for it it will help to solve my problem.

But ... I did read from certain magaine that if you update your bios and it is the wrong one you will get that problem. That could be the case for mine as my ASUS P5A BIOS attacked by virus so dealer gave me P5A-B BIOS though seek help from ASUS site they gave me P5A-B Beta BIOS, everthing ok until I upgrade IDE and etc drivers download from the site. May be I will reformat to see whether it is caused by drivers.

  -pops- 12:05 22 May 2003

If it's a desk top machine pull the plug from the wall. If it's a laptop, take the batteries out.

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