codecs to load music from a CD to WMP to a PSP

  slow learner 19:29 11 Jan 2006

Anyone out there know how to do this for their son/daughter (or better still - explain so they can do it?)! We get a message that we need the correct codec and can't go any further.

  Skills 02:13 12 Jan 2006

Ok for music to be played back on your PSP it needs to be in the mp3 file format. This free program will convert the files from your cd to mp3 for you click here you then need to copy these files to your PSP this webpage should help you with that click here

  slow learner 19:51 12 Jan 2006

The cd to mp3 download caused a fatal error so have removed it! The guide doesn't reflect what is on my wxp system. I get a psp file in the E: drive but when I try to copy music using WMP the music syncs ok and the mbs available on the psp reduce to reflect the transfer but the psp says "there are no tracks". The psp file has two subfiles named SAVEDATA and SYSTEM with many subsubfolders, but I can't put the burned and sync'd music files in them either. I note there is an 'official' music manager available from sony (in the usa) but it costs. Is this the only option or is there a fix?

  Totally-braindead 20:01 12 Jan 2006

Forgive me if I muddy the waters here cos I know nothing about the PSP.If all you want to do is create MP3s then you could download something like audiograbber click here full instructions are on the website and theres a free codec you can get, link also on the site so you can pick your bitrate as I think its set to 64kps by default and thats too low for good quality, you need 128kps at least. Then, and this is the bit I know nothing about you can drag the files to the PSP which is connected to your PC? I put a question mark as I assume it appears as a removeable hard drive. Sorry if this isn't what you need.

  Skills 20:16 12 Jan 2006

Sorry about that ive used Cdex loads of times with no problems. As has been said the files need to be in the mp3 format audiograbber will do that, in the latest version of windows meadia player if you go into tools then options then the rip music tab and change the file format to mp3 this will then rip the files as a mp3 format which you can then drag and drop to the playstation.

  slow learner 17:54 13 Jan 2006

We are using WMP 10 on WXP and can rip (following Skills advice) mp3 files from a cd to the WMP. We cannot open the files on the psp after sync'ing them to the psp file shown to the right in the wmp sync window. We have also tried creating a new file within the psp file and sync'ing to that but no joy either. Strangely enough the boys have asked their friends and none of them have been successful either. Is this one for the editor or is there anything else I should try?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:59 13 Jan 2006

and the latest o/s patch from Sony enables WMA files to be played on the PSP

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:07 13 Jan 2006
  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:09 13 Jan 2006

Look at v2.6 page two

  slow learner 10:44 14 Jan 2006

Taking your advice (but not all of it!) and playiong around we discovered this is how it is done under WXP and WMP 10: 1. Format the memory stick and plug psp to pc via usb ensuring psp is on usb mode 2. Open WMP and My Computer 3. In my computer go into removeable disk E:, psp folder, music folder 4. Click on wmp and music folder minimises. 5. Right click on music you want to transfer from your library (download or burn music from source to library if not already done)and go to Open Containing Folder - this is the key DO NOT use Sync!!!! The music chosen is now in the containing folder. 6. There are many ways to put the music in the music folder, but we draggged and dropped it. 7. You will see it load to the psp and once done just close programmes go to music on the psp and there it is! Hope this helps other frustrated sons/daughters and dads!!

  slow learner 17:43 15 Jan 2006


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