Chrissib 15:21 25 Jul 2010

Just started playing MW2 online, and as usual everyone seems better than me.. very frustrating..
However, I have a few questions... firstly I see opponents with cool chosen names, but I seem to be stuck with my email name. Are there any options to choose a name, like in WAW?
Also, I seem to be killed a lot with other players in helecopters. Are there vehicles and helecopters like in 'Battlefield'?
I did the campaign level and although I got all the credits at the end, like the end of a film, when I go into the main menu, it says 50% completed, can't find the other 50%.
Lastly for now, the find game option, does not list any server names, so not able to add favourites, am I missing something?

  JBRKilluh 15:25 25 Jul 2010

1) for nickname go to options>multiplayer options
2) there are however u need to get a killstreak to activate these
3) you must collect all enemy intel and collectibles, and try to complete the game on arcade and other difficulties

  JBRKilluh 17:03 25 Jul 2010

problem solved?

  Chrissib 09:30 27 Jul 2010

looked in the multiplayer options and cannot find one to change the nickname.

  JBRKilluh 20:22 27 Jul 2010

ok do you use steam?

  JBRKilluh 20:27 27 Jul 2010

in advance if you do use steam then go onto the steam bar(default key is tab) and click on settings. then enter your nickname.

for colours do the following:

^1 = Red
^2 = Green
^3 = Yellow
^4 = Blue
^5 = Light blue
^6 = Purple
^7 = White (This will make it back to the default color)
^8 = Is a color that changes depending what level you are on.
^9 = Grey (Might be black too)
^0 = Black (You must type two ^^0 to type in black)

  Chrissib 17:32 28 Jul 2010

not sure I understand about the colours, but I have managed to change my profile name.. thanks.

  JBRKilluh 18:18 28 Jul 2010

well if you want your name to include colours then put one of those codes before the name.

Hope I've helped ^^

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