Chrissib 22:33 01 Aug 2010

OK I give up...

Been playing MW2 multiplayer, and I have had enough already. I could be firing whole clips at point blank range at opponents, and they still don't die, 'they' just return a single bullet and i'm dead. And what's more, I find other players appearing from nowhere and kill me, even though there was no one there a split second ago.

I'm going back to 'World At War', at least this was more realistic. With more rules, and more control in the servers, at least I could choose a level playing field.

If any one associated with MW2 reads this, I think the authenticity and game play has no way improved at all, in fact in my opinion, it sucks big time...

  wolfie3000 00:54 02 Aug 2010

sounds to me someone was hacking, from what you described it seems they were using lag hacks, where a player can pop in and out without being seen.

  Chrissib 16:11 02 Aug 2010

maybe, but I think it's sad when people have to cheat. What's the point? It's just a game.

  egapup 17:31 02 Aug 2010

I complained about it and someone said the cheats get banned but open another account with a differant IP cant win. It's a real shame cuz if get into a room where no-one is cheating it's a real good game.

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