cmos/bios bad checksum

  johnnyrocker 07:02 01 Feb 2005

got the above error this morning on boot up with the options of F1 to enter set up or F2 to load defaults and continue, selected F2 and then had to adjust the date by 3 yrs and as the processor is now being seen as 1245mhz i shall have to sort the bios this evening as per a very helpful previous piece of advice recently from here, my question is why does this happen please, xp pro sp1 amd 2.2ghz.


  Diodorus Siculus 07:14 01 Feb 2005

Sounds like the cmos battery has died - a little battry (like a watch battery) on the mobo needs replacing. Costs only a pound or so in most PC shops.

There can be other reasons, but the battery is the first thing to try.

  johnnyrocker 07:17 01 Feb 2005

thanks for speedy reply, this prob occurs evry couple of months or so, are there different types of battery or is it a one for all type situation?


  Diodorus Siculus 08:10 01 Feb 2005

It is, I believe, a standard battery.

Strange that it occours frequently - have you ever changed the battery? If so, then it would be worth searching google (google groups?) for any known problems between your mobo and the cmos error.

  €dstowe 09:00 01 Feb 2005

There is usually a jumper associated with the CMOS battery. Make sure it is not in the reset position.

  johnnyrocker 19:49 01 Feb 2005

cheers folks, i have not done anything inside the case at all apart from some months ago when the machine had a coronary and required new memory and processor which a friend kindly did for me, it has had this checksum error occasionally before the coronary and twice since being sorted about 9 mnths ago.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:55 01 Feb 2005

CMOS Battery
click here

Mine does this every now and again also every now and again BIOS resets to default and Shows AMD 1.2G as 900mHz.

I just reset the various options but still haven't figured out why it happens

  johnnyrocker 00:39 02 Feb 2005

exactly the same prob my 2.2ghz processoer is showing as 1245 mhz until i reset it in the bios thanks to a very helpful tip from i believe dan


  keith-236785 10:16 02 Feb 2005

this happens when the mobo battery dies or can happen when you re-install the motherboard drivers (after fitting of a new hard drive & re-installation of windows etc.)

replace the battery, enter the bios on booting, change the date and time, change the FSB to match your proc (if it isnt right) and any other nescessary items (turning off onboard stuff if not needed etc.)

save the settings and your pc will reboot and should be back to how it was.

  johnnyrocker 19:03 02 Feb 2005

cheers paperman i shall buy one at the weekend and see what happens then,


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