CMOS utilitie

  woodchip 22:41 10 Apr 2004

One more before I go to bed a CMOS utilitie That saves and read's all that's nessasery so your Computer will work. If you want this one then Post me by the Yellow Envelope to the left THIS IS WHAT IT DOES

This program is a read, write, and compare utility for the CMOS
memory found in 286 and "newer computers". It is designed for use in
batch files by utilizing command line parameters as needed. It was created
to fill the niche left by all the other CMOS utilities...command line
operation. This is especially valuable if the computer operator is a
relative newcomer to computing because this utility will automatically
insure that the CMOS data is correct. How many people know the CMOS drive
type for their hard drive without looking it up? Some computers won't
even start if the CMOS info is incorrect...This little program fixes
all those problems quietly and automatically.
On-line documentation is provided in the .EXE file. In keeping with the
intent of batch file operation, return status values are provided for
use with the ERRORLEVEL batch file function.
The CMOS data is stored as a 66 byte binary file. This file is
a true image of the 64 bytes of CMOS data plus two checksum bytes. The
checksum bytes are used to validate the stored CMOS data before any
restore operations are allowed. This prevents disk or data file corruption
from destroying the contents of CMOS memory.
The CMOS data is read via CPU ports 70h and 71h which bypasses any
CMOS password scheme. This is handy if some unauthorized person has
changed the CMOS access password. If you have the image file saved you
can easily restore the correct password. This utility does not crack
the password encryption used by some BIOS manufacturers. It simply saves
the raw image after encryption.

  woodchip 22:42 10 Apr 2004

Size is just 3Kb

  woodchip 22:47 10 Apr 2004

I will pull the Plug on this one tomorrow

  woodchip 23:27 10 Apr 2004


  woodchip 09:40 11 Apr 2004

Up for the last time

  scorer 19:15 11 Apr 2004

Thanks woodchip for the files. scorer.

  woodchip 20:33 11 Apr 2004

Hope you find them us full

  Zak 21:07 11 Apr 2004

File received, Thanks woodchip.

  DWANE PYPE 23:18 11 Apr 2004


My thanks as well, recieved file O.K

Regards DW.

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