cmos settings

  preston 08:24 02 Feb 2003

in my newly built pc, in my cmos, my dvd and cdrw, show up as my secondary master and slave ide drive. how do i get them to show up as my primary drives.

  AMD 4 ever 08:34 02 Feb 2003

Do you have your Hdd on the Primary, if so then this is prob best left!
But if you want to change them over, you will have to move the drive to the same IDE cable as the primary!

  preston 08:40 02 Feb 2003

my hdd is on one cable and my dvd and cdrw are one another.

  slimbo51 08:45 02 Feb 2003

As above post ur settings are correct.

If u put a cdrom drive on ur h/drive ide primary, it can cause probs.

  AMD 4 ever 08:46 02 Feb 2003

thats why they are only showing as secondary M&S.
It is perfectly fine like that set up.
like i say, if you wanna move one cd drive then add it to the the hdd cable, but it must be set as a slave.

  Kyomii 09:21 02 Feb 2003

If you want, you can move DVD to hard drive cable and set as primary slave via jumpers on back of drive.

Leave CDRW on its own (secondary) channel and make sure it is set up as secondary master by checking the jumpers on the back of the drive.

Usually this works well - I have found problems the other way around when two cd drives connected together - especially when one is DVD and other is writer, but its up to you!

---- if it ain't broke, then don't fix it is a good rule of thumb in computing ----

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