Cmos Error

  Mark5001 00:45 01 Jan 2006

Hi all.
Built a PC for a mate a few months back and he has just been round, a lot balder than back then. Windows seems to disappear from the HDD and startup reports CMOS Settings wrong, or words to that effect. Motherboard battery changed, loaded default values, loaded optimised values, etc etc, but no help there. Installed OS again yesterday ( XP Pro SP2 ) and the comp left here working fine. Half hour trip home and he rang me, problem back again. Any of you good people know what is going on.

  User-312386 02:44 01 Jan 2006

Could be corrupt BIOS

Did you update/flash the BIOS after replacing the Battery? If not do it

  Mark5001 06:42 01 Jan 2006

No I have not. I will try that later. Thanks.

  madPentium 15:29 01 Jan 2006

Is the jumper on the motherboard set to the reset bios position? or normal?

  Chegs ®™ 15:41 01 Jan 2006

Stab in the dark,is it an AMD CPU?

I have an old Epox mobo,if I turn off the power to it the BIOS "forgets" the FSB settings for the Athlon CPU.I have swapped the battery(for known good)yet still it does the same, irritatingly not everytime its powered-off

  Forum Editor 15:50 01 Jan 2006

with regard to flashing the BIOS - you could end up in even deeper water, and it may not be necessary. It certainly isn't necessary just because you replaced the CMOS battery - all that does is reset the CMOS, provided you left the battery holder empty for a few minutes.

A CMOS error message is a fundamental thing, and not something that's in any way connected with the operating system. Windows only starts to load after the POST has completed. The function of the CMOS is to store information about your computer's setup, and you can write new settings to the CMOS via the BIOS interface. Be careful about altering settings on a wholesale basis, the trick with CMOS configuration is to change one setting at a time, and wait to see what effect it has before proceeding further.

Have you tried booting the computer whilst holding the Delete key down?

One important question - did this computer work properly and consistently at any time, or did the problem appear out of the blue?

  woodchip 15:52 01 Jan 2006

Faulty BIOS Chip and or mobo

  Mark5001 16:09 01 Jan 2006

Hi All
Thanks for all the replies. Only just got back from work. Probably be called out again soon as is the norm on holidays. Anyway answers to your questions. Bios pins are set to normal. This problem has happened twice since it was built.
Full Specs:
MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR (MS-6570G)
Amd Athlon XP-A 3000+
1 GIG Kingston DDR 400
Nvidia N-Force 2 Ultra 400.
Now this is exactly the same as my own PC and since I built this months ago, I have had no problems. Have just rung chap concerned and tried Forum Editor's advice about holding Delete key down as it boots. No difference.Thank You anyway.

  User-312386 16:27 01 Jan 2006

"would advise caution with regard to flashing the BIOS - you could end up in even deeper water" WHY?

Most MOBO's come with flash utilties and if the BIOS is corrupt then this will need to be done.

His BIOS may also be out of date and there requires flashing after the removal of CMOS battery

  zarobian 16:37 01 Jan 2006

Could it be a short to Chasis? Just check both the battery's terminal to chasis for continuety. Motherboard must be isolated from chasis. I think it could be an intermitant short circuit!!!

Just a thought.


  jakimo 19:02 01 Jan 2006

Many mobo`s have a cmos jumper,removing it will clear the cmos,wait 30-60 secs. replace the jumper & restart

If the mobo manual is not available,download it from the manufacturer and check which jumper clears the cmos

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