CMOS checksum error

  Dyffryn 09:52 21 Apr 2003

I have just purchased a new Evesham Evolution 2200CL (Intel Celeron). The reason I chose Evesham this time was for their two year on site warranty. From the outset, when booting from cold, I receive the the following error message: CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded - F1 to continue Del to enter setup. On entering setup I find that the date/time has defaulted out to Jan 2002. I correct this and F10 to save and everything is ok for the remainder of the time that the machine is on line. The settings even hold on reboots. It is only when the machine has been off overnight that I receive the checksum error. I reported this to Evesham who promised to send an onsite engineer. They eventually gave me a date for his attendance, but low and behold he rang and said he couldn't make it that day! That aside, I'm taking this up with Evesham, but that doesn't releive me of this niggling problem. I have replaced the CMOS battery with a new one, but this didn't cure the problem. Is this something simple that I can fix myself or do I have to wait for that elusive IT man? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  rioboy 10:01 21 Apr 2003

Dyffryn this could be a result of any one of several problems,ie motherboard,memory,graphics card. I would strongly suggest you asking for a replacement machine. How long have you owned this PC?

  -pops- 10:12 21 Apr 2003

Checksum errors are almost always due to battery failure, as you realise. One thing you could check before you go much further is look at the CMOS discharge jumper (find out where it is in the M/B manual) and check first of all that it is actually there and if it is, check that it is not in the discharge position.

Any other reason indicates to me that there is something more fundamentally wrong with the machine an I go along with what rioboy says and either demand another machine or your money back.


  Dyffryn 10:41 21 Apr 2003

Rioboy/pops, Thanks very much for your rapid response. I have only had this computer for 3 weeks, so armed with your expert knowledge I will be voicing my disquiet to Evesham when they are back to work tomorrow. I will keep you posted. Thanks again for your help. David Bloomfield

  Elrond 12:12 21 Apr 2003

I had the same problem not long ago and it wasnt due to a failed battery as I used a battery tester to check it. It can be due to a short circuit somewhere on the board i.e a part of the main circuitry may be touching the metal case. I actually removed the motherboard from my case and then installed it again and havent had a problem since, so I assume there's no circuit touching the case.

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