CMOS checksum error?

  Dalglish2 20:38 18 Nov 2008


I have a desktop PC running an AMD athlon 2400 with 1Gb of Ram and 300Gb hard drive (XP Home).
FOr the past few weeks, on bootup, I have had a "keyboard missing" error. I have usually managed to restart the PC ok using DEL to enter setup and then continuing the bootup.
This week, in addition to the keyboard error, a "CMOS checksum error" has presented and no amount of DEL or F2 to enter diagnostics will get it to start.
Is this the beginning of the end of the PC?
Many thanks, Sam

  MAT ALAN 20:43 18 Nov 2008

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I would try a new CMOS battery first...

  johnnyrocker 21:15 18 Nov 2008

what os have you and will it not reset up?


  DieSse 22:11 18 Nov 2008

The new battery is the correct thing to try - the OS has no bearing on this error at all.

You should also, after replacing the battery, clear the CMOS settings by using the clear jumper - your motherboard manual will tell you where that is.

  johnnyrocker 22:42 18 Nov 2008

not so guv as mine using xp pro had same probs and it was not the battery


  iqs 22:43 18 Nov 2008

I had a similar problem with a checksum error,mine was informing me about a PnP error.
Did the usual CMOS battery change,still the same.Flashed the BIOS and prob sorted.

I'm not suggesting you flash your BIOS,it can permanently ruin the MB if it go's wrong.

  DieSse 22:48 18 Nov 2008

"not so guv as mine using xp pro had same probs and it was not the battery"

It may not be the battery - but that is the correct thing to try first.

It cannot be the OS tho', as that is not in operation (it hasn't even started loading) when this POST error message occurs.

  Dalglish2 07:02 19 Nov 2008

thanks all - will try the battery - the PC was stored for 5 years without use and a friend replaced the CMOS battery with one off ebay. Sounds plausible -will report back!
Many thanks

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