CMOS checksum

  KPC 18:51 08 May 2003

I've recently bought a laptop which has been working fine until today. When i started it, it came up in POST......0251 system CMOS checksum bad, default configuration used.....then it says f1 to resume and then it shows for about 1/4 of a second a blue screen and some writing that states something about the registry and it will go no further, what could be the problem.

  KPC 18:53 08 May 2003

is there some key i can press so it halts on the blue screen so i can read the registry note

  -pops- 06:36 09 May 2003

Checksum errors are almost always caused by a flat or otherwise faulty motherboard battery.

These are easy to replace in desktop computers but my knowledge of laptops is zero so I don't know about that one. I would expect, though, that a component liable to failure, like a battery, would be easy to replace. Have a look in the manual or the maker's website.


  -pops- 06:37 09 May 2003

Aah!! Just noticed you say it's new - in that case, return it to the supplier. you should not have to tolerate faults like this in a new item.


  hugh-265156 07:25 09 May 2003

if its the battery the time and date in the bios will be wrong or not set. to check keep tapping F1 or F2 or delete when the laptop is switched on to access the bios.if the time and date are correct looks like the chip is faulty.but i would bring it back if only new.

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