CMOS Battery/BIOS problem

  Narayan Adhikari 17:46 02 Oct 2007

Hi there,
My 6 yrs old laptop has got a run out CMOS Battery (CR2025) (displaying errors CMOS battery low, bios setup defaults blah blah while booting up.) I bought a new battery and replaced it. But to my surprise, the laptop won't boot at all now. When I press power button, the power LEDs just blink green once and goes away without booting up. I replaced the old battery but same thing, no luck. What could have happened and what could be the solution?
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!

  Pamy 17:59 02 Oct 2007

Replace the battery

  Narayan Adhikari 18:03 02 Oct 2007

Hi Pamy
I said I replaced the battery with the new one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:20 02 Oct 2007

incorrectly fitted battery or new battery is duff.

try resetting the Bios with the clear BIOS jumper if you have one.

  Narayan Adhikari 18:24 02 Oct 2007

Hi fruit bat,

I have made absolutely sure of everything while replacing the new battery. I don't think/know if there is such jumper in my laptop, I cannot see anything like this around.

How to reset BIOS otherwise?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:48 02 Oct 2007

Normlly rest by using jumper or by removing battery for a few minutes.

In your case battery has been chnged, If you are sure it is a good one - boot into Bios and select the option reset to default. set the date and time. and remember to save and exit (usually F10).

  cream. 18:54 02 Oct 2007

Take out the main laptop battery and disconnect the mains adapter. You should now have no power to the laptop.

Press down on the laptops start button for 30 seconds. reconnect the power adapter and see if it boots.

also. If the laptap has an external vga connecter. Connect an external monitor to the laptop, is it showing the screen booting or halting?

  cream. 18:55 02 Oct 2007


try doing it on the laptop:))

  Narayan Adhikari 23:19 02 Oct 2007

Hi Percy Vere,

Thank you very much! Your advice is absolutely on the spot and it's all up and running.

Thanks a lot again!



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