cmos battery replacement

  johnnyrocker 23:21 21 Apr 2006

having been advised on a couple of times that my cmos batt is likely to be the cause of my intermottent probs i have decided to bite the bullet and go get one tomorrow, i have read in various posts that it is the back up for various settings etc, my question is, am i going to lose all these by replacing battery or will i still switch on a viable/working machine? or have loads of setting up to do which i am not familiar with at all


  johnnyrocker 23:21 21 Apr 2006

sorry xp pro sp2


  woodchip 23:35 21 Apr 2006

You need to go into BIOS and write down settings for all pages so that they can be restored after you fit the battery. A battery should last for many years and should last for a minimum of five can go for ten years. I doubt it's the battery. If the clock is losing time when you switch the Computer off then the battery is going but if you do not pull the wall plug or switch it off then the clock should keep it's time. If it's not a Old Comp and the battery seems to have failed then suspect a Faulty MOBO or CMOS chip

  Kev.Ifty 23:41 21 Apr 2006

This may help.

click here


  johnnyrocker 23:41 21 Apr 2006

i have posted the previous errors like checksum wrong et tonight i got memory wrong size and another about cmos all answers prev given here have pointed to cmos batt, i am reluctant to go into the bios as i have not a clue about that but my thanks for your reply.


  johnnyrocker 23:46 21 Apr 2006

thanks for that being an ex tv engineer i understood most of the points being made but a lot more lost me sorry


  ed-0 23:59 21 Apr 2006

They will be very few settings you will need to record from the bios. Ide drive configs, if they are different from auto. Then just the cpu and memory settings.

If you pop the battery out and insert the new one straight away, there is a chance that you will not lose any settings. Even if you do, the motherboard will just go to default settings and the computer WILL boot up.

post the make and model of the mobo. Then what few settings you need to know can be explained.

The job it's self is so simple. Just like poping a fuse out of 13amp plug and puting a new one in. ;-)

  johnnyrocker 00:02 22 Apr 2006

I wish lol, easy said than done when you know what you are doing but thanks for setting my mind a bit easier.


  Kev.Ifty 00:24 22 Apr 2006

Last year I replaced the my CMOS battery.

The PC was a pentium3 XP. I changed it because the date and time kept going awry.

I didn't save any settings or 'go into' anything (other than the PC case lol).

Nothing untoward happened! All I had to do was set the correct time after fitting it.

Cheers Kev.

  johnnyrocker 00:27 22 Apr 2006

greatly heartened by that kev i live in hope;)


  Kev.Ifty 00:32 22 Apr 2006

Just thought.. Remember ESD, Static.

Mind you, you probably already know the risks, being a TV Engineer.

But worth mentioning.

Cheers. Good luck :-)

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