CMOS battery on the blink?

  tristar 13:39 02 Feb 2009

Twice recently when I've fired up my 6 year old computer after an overnight 'power off', I've found the clock and date to be wrong.
When I reset it, it keeps good time, so I suspect the cmos battery needs changing.
It's a 'standard' CR2032 battery and replacing it seems straightforward. As I recall, I need to copy, and re-enter the BIOS settings after replacement.
Can someone remind me how to get into BIOS, and what settings do I need to copy?

  MAJ 13:45 02 Feb 2009

If you haven't changed anything in the BIOS, you don't need to do anything, just stick the new battery in, within a minute or so of taking the old one out. It certainly sounds as if you need a new battery. It will tell you on the startup screen how to get into the BIOS, on a PC that old, you probably press the Delete key or the F2 key on your keyboard.

  tristar 14:07 02 Feb 2009

Thanks, Maj.
Will buy new battery in a couple of days. Nice to know I don't need to change owt!

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