linguina 02:30 01 Feb 2003

Can somebody tell me the procedure to clear the CMOS after I updated the motherboard BIOS?
This is how far my knoledge goes:

Download and istall the patch. Turn the pc off. Change position to the CMOS jumper. Wait a couple of minutes and then move back the jumpers in the original position. Turn the pc on. Is it correct? Am I missing a step? Can someone be so kind to help me out with this?
I'd like to buy a drink to you all...

  powerless 02:33 01 Feb 2003

Remove the CMOS Battery. Wait 5 minutes then stick it back in.

  BBez 04:18 01 Feb 2003

the flash.exe you've downloaded probably copies over to a "bootable" floppy disk which starts PC. If you got a "read-me" file with the BIOS flash, check it out to see what the flash requirements are...

  AMD 4 ever 07:47 01 Feb 2003

Can I ask firstly why are you flashing the BIOS, as this is a serious and very destructive command...if it is absolutely necessary the fair enough, but let's hear your prob first, we may be able to help!?

There is typically a jumpe near the CMOS Battery (Refer to manual) for exact location, then move the jumper to short the pins.

  BigMoFoT 09:35 01 Feb 2003

If the BIOS is to be flashed when new updates become available then the manufacturer will give you clear and precise instructions on how to do so - Asus for example have various ways of flashing the BIOS, from bootable floppys and from within Windows bit neither include clearing the CMOS as the flashing tool should do it anyway!

  BrianW 10:22 01 Feb 2003

QDI boards suggest that after upgrading your BIOS you clear CMOS by closing the relevant jumper to "prevent a clash between the old and new BIOS settings". They also say that it is essential to switch off the mains and unplug the cable to prevent serious damage to the motherboard. AS BigMoFot says, it is essential to follow the instructions that apply to your board / BIOS.

  linguina 13:06 01 Feb 2003

Well, last time I did it I followed the readme file that came with the patch. After a search on the net I printed out some pages (with pictures!) just in case.

The description above is exactly what I did but it did not work. I took my pc to the local shop cose I couldn't even boot it... it wouldn't show anything on the screen, just black. The technician at the shop managed it (to my surprise cose I though I burned something) but he said he only downloaded the latest version of BIOS. That is what I did!!! Then I asked a friend and he said that after clearing the jumper I forgot to power up the pc. After that I could have put the jumper back to the original position and off you go.

Before following his advice I wanted to ask u guys.
The latest patch I downloaded doesn't have any instructions. I presume I should follow the same procedure but in the right order...
I want to flash the BIOS cose there are 2 new patches available and the latest one fixs a bug that deal with ATI RADEON 9700 pro which I'd like to buy soon.

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