C'mon people.

  Iceman1978 17:12 08 Jun 2003

There must be more people out there who have had problems running memory over pc2100. Ive slowed my memory down in the bios, but I want to hear from other people who've had problems, and got around them with some other methods. Ive posted a few threads, but don't seem to be getting much of a response.

  Fred Titles 17:33 08 Jun 2003

if you made sure that your thread title accurately described your problem.

  The Spires 17:40 08 Jun 2003

What sort of problems, 2700 + has been out a while now and is the norm.

  Iceman1978 23:38 08 Jun 2003

Ive posted a few different threads with normal titles, but no-one seemed to give any insight. My problem is if playing a game while running at 2700, 166 in bios, the game im playing will just shut down and send me back to the desktop. I put my memory speed down to 100 in bios, And the game didn't crash. Im wondering if any other factors that make up the pc, can be causing the problem. my motherboard can supposedly handle ddr400 & ddr 333.

  bab5 23:45 08 Jun 2003


if you drop down to 100 from 166,does it drop you processor down as well, it does on mine when dropping down from 133 to 100.

This knocks of a few degrees from the cpu temp, so perhaps its not your memory but rather you cpu is over heating ??


  Bluescreen 00:14 09 Jun 2003

Good point about temp.

I had a similar problem with a pc I built using a PC Chips 841 mobo. It would freeze running at 133 but ok at 100. Found out it was a faulty mobo in the end.I tried everything!!

  Iceman1978 19:19 09 Jun 2003

My processor is a P4 2.667, which runs at 41c which is just a bit less than my brothers 2.533, I think ill have to do more testing.

try putting heatsinks on your RAM chips.

  Rayuk 19:57 09 Jun 2003

Maybe adjusting your ram settings will help.

  Mysticnas 20:23 09 Jun 2003

i'm kinda confused, do you mean your PC2100 runs at 166 or 266???

Mine runs at 266 but i've clocked it to 278 but had to put ramsinks on the modules to clock it.

166Mhz is awfully low for PC2100.

  rickf 20:50 09 Jun 2003

I go with Mysticnas. It should be 266.

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