cmi8738 sound card?

  mercedesjb 19:09 03 Apr 2005

My son has a pc with a 5.1 sound card cmi8738 fitted. it is plugged into a nicole(dont laugh!) 5.1 surround system with amp.
suddenly one day the sound became muffled and distorted.
I have tried more speakers,updating drivers,checking all settings, to no avail
Only thing i havent tried is a new sound card!

Has anyone had similar problems?

Running xp and pc chips motherboard amd proc'r

  Paranoid Android 19:45 03 Apr 2005

Fraid not - the only words of comfort I can offer is that CMedia 8738 sound cards should only cost a fiver or so to replace -so at least it won't cost you a bomb.

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