Curio 18:53 17 Oct 2005

Have recently been getting a Popup warning from Counterspy (I think) as follows:- A new Internet Explorer Toolbar Button (Extension) has been detected. Extensions are Buttons placed on the Internet Explorer Toolbar and can run an associated application or script. Name - CmdMapping. This is known Spyware and removal should be considered. Window allows me to allow or delete all traces of the Spyware. I have always selected delete and the window disappears until I open another page or accept an email. Any ideas as to how I can completely clear this irritating behaviour? Recently installed Yahoo BT Communicator and is possibly involved with this.

  Chegs ® 19:07 17 Oct 2005

click here

Its not as easy to remove as it is to get it installed,this page details how.

  Curio 19:26 17 Oct 2005

Could not Find any trace of Aquiro in Registry. Also Do not use Symantec products. Thanks anyway.

  Curio 20:27 17 Oct 2005

Have now uninstalled Yahoo BT Communicator and carried out Regstry Sweep. Nothing found and the problem continues. Major Counterspy check starting shortly. Am not holding my breath.

  Chegs ® 20:31 17 Oct 2005

I must read threads more accurately,I must read threads more accurately,I must read threads more accurately,I must read threads more accurately, x100

If you type cmdmapping into google,it comes back with assorted means to remove this Browser Hijacker,I presume that HijackThis will also pinpoint exactly which bits of startup are recreating these hijacks.Google results> click here

HijackThis > click here

  Number 7 23:01 17 Oct 2005

If Counterspy's on-demand scanner doesn't find anything (along with Spybot etc), then there's nothing there.

Counterspy's live protection will keep nagging you about this until you allow the change in IE's BHOs.

It will do this even if you disable live protection while you install/uninstall software, i.e. if your setup is changed, even intentionally, Counterspy will nag you until you tell it to Allow the changes.

I had Counterspy until the version 1.5 update, I've now gotten rid of it- there's too many problems with it.

In Task Manager> View> Select Columns, enable I/O Read Bytes, and have a look at Counterspy's usage-
leave your PC on long enough and it will run into several Gbytes.

  Curio 14:17 18 Oct 2005

Have run all my Malware programmes and nothing found. Decided to allow this item and checked with BHO Demon 2.0. Nothing to indicate anything added, so hopefully it was a rogue.

  Curio 18:21 18 Oct 2005

Many thanks Number 7 for the pointer. No further activity from this item. Am now convinced it was a False Positive.

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