CMAK and dissapearing disk space

  SarahDyer 16:35 25 Mar 2014


I`m running Win7 ultimate and got some proplems.

Its 2 questions in one post,just to save space (me bad :P )

Ok, here goes.

Question 1:

I have this .exe called CMAK. I looked at various sites for what it was. Seems its a legit windows program. But its not where everyone says its supposed to be. Mine is NOT in Windows\System32\ . Instead its in my Program Files folder.I have looked in system32 for the file and cannot find it. Weird huh?

I`m wondering if i should delete the said folder from my Program Files folder or just leave it be. Advice?

Question 2:

Over the last couple of days my HDD space has been getting smaller and smaller and smaller. I have not downloaded anything, i have made a text file or pic...or anything. So far i have lost approximately 40GB O.o

I know its not windows recovery, i have that turned off. I have cleaned,defragged,checked for disk errors,cleaning registry. Basically i`ve done everything that i hoped would free up space. Even moved programs and files to 2 32Gb USB sticks. Yea,that worked until i turned my pc on the next morning...only to find that even more disk space was gone.

Also i have run various malware and virus scans but nothing can find anything.

I`m at a complete loss

Any ideas? Help?

Sorry its long and not very helpful :/

  john bunyan 16:54 25 Mar 2014

Maybe to answer the second question first. I have a free programme - Treesize- where you can see how big various folders are see:


How did CMAK get on to your PC - I thought it was for servers rather than PC. If I were you I would run create a restore point, then uninstall it if it appears in the "Programmes and Features" part of Control panel. If something goes wrong you could restore to square 1.

How big is your system restore? Mine is set to 15% of disc space.

  john bunyan 17:00 25 Mar 2014

Revo Uninstaller sometimes cleans up better than the MS uninstall: REvo

  john bunyan 17:03 25 Mar 2014

Also read this:


  SarahDyer 17:04 25 Mar 2014

Hi john.

Thanks for the advice. I try i out in a sec ;)

Well, My restore is on 2& (320MB) and i`m currently using 186.5MB.

Also. CMAK does not appear on Programs and Features.

I`ll make a restore point, then delete it. Like you said :)

if it all goes wrong then i know who to blame :P

Nah just kidding. i`ll scream instead hehehe

  john bunyan 17:34 25 Mar 2014

Hi Sarah

Do read the Microsoft link. There is a pagefile thing that can cause difficulties - maybe someone else will comment.

Also do see what Treesize tells you; I assume your disc is not partitioned? - I have the programmes on one partition and data on another which makes such investigations easier. With tree size you click on a whole drive, or drill down in all folders to see where big files are.

  SarahDyer 17:57 25 Mar 2014

Yea i read the Microsoft link and used Treesize

And yes i do have a partion. Windows is on C. and all my documents are on D

I looks like when i usb a USB stick for ReadyBoost (cos someone told me it would make things go faster, I assume from what i read in the last post on the Microsft link you sent me,that i have the same problem,

Quote from post:

" ... must have thought it was my 8GB flash drive and synced the whole drive to the backup of my 8GB flash drive on D. "

So all i got to do now is find out where this file is and delete it..oh joy >_<

Wish me luck.

Or in the last words of someone famous

"Stand Back! I`m going in....."

  john bunyan 18:25 25 Mar 2014

Sarah - this could play as you start: Vera Lynn

Is it the data or the OS partition tat is filling?

A young relative recently b...d her laptop by , somehow, putting a back up on the hidden recovery partition. We used Easus partition recovery manager with some success. Hope you solve it.

  SarahDyer 19:01 25 Mar 2014

Hahahaha nice song. Your secrets out now :P

oh yea, its the data partition that's filling up. Tho i did free some space on my OS partition by turning off the hibernation thingy lol. Yey! Way to go me \ (^.^) /

Yea i`m still looking for this annoying file....its gotta be SOMEWHERE!!

  john bunyan 19:13 25 Mar 2014

I have not used Readyboost; what RAM do you have installed? If 4Gig or more I wonder if it is worth it. I use Photoshop, and on that programme you can set "Scratch discs" on another partition but if you need more memory, maybe Readyboost is an answer. I wish others would comment...

  SarahDyer 19:27 25 Mar 2014

Personally i dont think its worth it. Unless you have USB 3.0 with a 3.0 USB stick,and even then your gunna need atleast a 32GB stick,cos for some reason Windows says it need 30GB for "Optimal performance"

I just use this pc for watching vids on youtube and annoy my friends on Facebook and Skype :D

My other pc i use to play games on. I love it when guys get mad cos i fraged their butt hehehehehe

Anyways,ima go back to my hunting..minus Vera Lynn :P

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