Cloudfare checking browser on PCA

  hssutton 22:49 25 Feb 2015

What is this all about, as it only happens when accessing PCA

  rdave13 23:46 25 Feb 2015

Get it on my Windows phone as well. Hope they think IE is ok lol.

  robin_x 23:46 25 Feb 2015

Me too. I thought I'd been Hijacked.

  lotvic 00:15 26 Feb 2015

What is this all about, me also thought I'd caught a nasty when message came up 'Cloudfare checking browser'

  rdave13 01:48 26 Feb 2015

Ray ID: 1be87386b34f1383 , wait 5 seconds... , yawn, then wait for ads to load, yawn again, then lose the will to stay on.

Forget it, listen to music on You Tube.

  BT 08:47 26 Feb 2015

It begs the question WHY.

PCA has worked perfectly well on my browser for many years so why the need to check it now?


  Secret-Squirrel 09:05 26 Feb 2015

"PCA has worked perfectly well on my browser for many years so why the need to check it now?"

It's a mechanism that kicks in when PCA is under attack. There's more info here. After it's checked your browser and determined that you're a genuine visitor and not an attacker it's supposed to set a cookie which should mean you only see that pesky message the once. It'll obviously need to recheck if you delete your cookies.

  morddwyd 09:13 26 Feb 2015

Thanks for the explanation, SS.

  wee eddie 10:17 26 Feb 2015

Last night, and I was on shift until 4am, it checked almost every time I changed page.

It says "5 seconds" ~~~~ more like 25 to 30, sometimes more.

  bumpkin 10:21 26 Feb 2015

It would seem that we are all getting it. a bit of information from PCA first would not have gone amiss.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:32 26 Feb 2015

"Secret-Squirrel does that mean we can infect any website by just visiting it.I don't think so."

It's nothing to do with malware Jock - it's all about Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks where multiple computers flood the website with so many requests that it causes it to grind to a halt. Please read the link I posted as it explains all the technical details.

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