Cloud Storage

  morddwyd 21:19 06 Dec 2012

Just realised a need for cloud storage and like, I assume, many of you I have various options for this, all free, like MS, my ISP, Sky, BT, Google and so on.

Is there any option which is best?

I am toying with Google, no particular reason except I already have it on my phone.

  gasmonkey 21:27 06 Dec 2012

I cant tell you which one is best but I use the free google one and its great. The snyc feature is especially usefully, the only downside is it can slow the computer startup time a little if you have it set to loggin automatically but you can switch that off it you want and I guess it will solve the problem. Hope this helps a little.

  wbae 10:12 07 Dec 2012

I use Google (Drive) and Dropbox, both are fine and sync easily with a Tablet and Phone on Android.

However I would advise using Google with two step verification if you intend any private or sensitive information to be stored there.

I find Dropbox excellent for sharing photos with family, this can be set up with a security pin, a tip is to resize all photos you put up there, so they are around 100k-500k max instead of putting them straight from the Camera, this does not use your FREE space up too fast.


  Forum Editor 10:39 07 Dec 2012

I use Microsoft's SkyDrive, which is excellent. I also make extensive use of DropBox when working with clients.

To be honest, if all you need is storage so you can have access to files when you move around, any cloud provider will do. If you want to work collaboratively with other people via the Cloud it can get a little more involved, especially if several people are working with the same files.

'The Cloud' is just a fancy name - what you are actually doing is uploading your files to someone else's server, and downloading them again at some point in the future. Don't use The Cloud if all you want to do is archive stuff - it's far better to use removable media for that. If all you need is a few gigabytes of file storage you can use a memory stick and carry it around with you.

  morddwyd 19:33 07 Dec 2012

Thank you all.

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