cloud hosting of my website

  Pathologist 11:48 28 Sep 2012

My website is hosted privately on a friend's server. It is becoming increasingly unreliable and I want to find another host, but still keep my domain name, for which I pay an annual fee. Is there any way that I can get free cloud hosting for my files and still have them accessible as a website?

  mgmcc 09:32 29 Sep 2012

What I do, although it may not be feasible for you, is to use my ISP's free webspace for my site and then have my personal domain direct to that site.

  Pathologist 10:06 29 Sep 2012

Thanks for the tip.

  Pathologist 11:38 22 Oct 2012

Many thanks! I'll think about it, but I reckon it might be a bit too complicated for me. Thanks again

  Pathologist 12:18 22 Oct 2012

Thanks for your suggestion. My main concern is about the permanence of my site after I die - I'll be 80 next May. Some bits of my site are unique historical accounts of places, like my old school and the hospital where I worked for 28 years. There are other things there too of historical interest. The address is so that you can get some idea. Thus, I'm worried about the long-term viability of the data when I'm not around to pay a fee and not so much about current cost!

  Forum Editor 13:36 22 Oct 2012

First,let me explain why some posts have suddenly disappeared. They were made by someone who initially appeared to want to help, but was in fact mainly concerned with promoting his own blog. It's something that happens often, and we don't tolerate it.

You've asked two questions as far as I can see.

First, you want to know if you can store your files in the Cloud for free, and the answer to that is yes. The best way forward for you is to use a free service called DropBox. It's used by huge numbers of individuals and businesses, and it works perfectly - I use it to work with clients for whom I'm developing websites. Take a look at dropBox by clicking here

Your second question was about site hosting. Your domain name isn't a problem - you can either transfer it to your new host, or point your site to its existing location from the new hosting space. What you have to do is find that new host, and I would forget about hosting in the cloud. Do it with a reputable hosting company, you'll get access to all kinds of helpful stuff like free website templates and software, and although you'll have to pay, the charges are very reasonable, considering you have a guarantee that your site will always be visible on the internet - no more of the unreliability that you're experiencing now.

My personal choice as far as hosts are concerned is Heart Internet. I've used the company for a number of years, and I like their professional, efficient service. You'll pay around £2:50 a month for your hosting package, but that's not a lot for peace of mind and the additional features you get.

  Pathologist 14:49 22 Oct 2012

Many thanks for your vigilance, and advice. I'll follow up Dropbox.

Again, thanks

  GT5002 10:16 19 Mar 2013

Hey Pathologist

What you can do is use a network attached storage device, it seems that most of the ones on the market all support cloud service and it does sync to Dropbox or other cloud services, a quick search on Google led me to this unit. seems like it fits your needs.

  Pathologist 10:53 19 Mar 2013

Thanks, I'll check it out.

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