Closing Ports with Windows XP Firewall? Urgent!!!

  Gaz 25 19:42 19 Feb 2003

Right, nw I have done loads of online scans, tests, etc. The windows XP firewall seams to leave port 8080 open which is used by Brown Offrice and RingZero, which I know I have not got, some questions:

What keeps open port 8080 in XP?

How can I close that port?

I do have a dedicated firewall but I do want to find out how I can stop port 8080 in XP anyway, I have disabled some services from msconfig but which one of them will close port 8080??

I am annoyed at microsoft leaving that port open.

Urgent Help is required!

PS. I am only carrying this out because I have some computers on a Powerful firewall and some with just the XP.


  mikef™ 20:43 19 Feb 2003

If you go to Gibson research and do the tests click here Steve Gibson has a program that plugs this loophole in XP, which is intended for if you have a network but is not needed if you have a stand alone computer.
The probe my ports test will tell you what is needed.

  Gaz 25 22:20 19 Feb 2003

I had done the test before coming to this site and all were stealthed.

However on htt:// scan. sygate .com (no spaces) on trojan scan it shows that port as being open. Port 8080.

The port is used by Ring Zero.

mikef or anyone else: click here to do the Sygate Trojan Port scan, an let me know if it is open on yours and what firewall you use?


  Gaz 25 22:25 19 Feb 2003

Socket Lock from Gibson?

  cracker23 22:28 19 Feb 2003

i did the sygate port scan last week,none of my pc'c ports were open. I use Norton Personal Firewall 2003.hope this helps

  fitshase 22:34 19 Feb 2003

Using a netgear router with built in firewall (don't know whether you only wanted people to reply if they used an XP firewall or software firewall so I thought I would reply anyway).

Tried the link and all ports were closed:-

"You have blocked all of our probes!"



  Gaz 25 22:36 19 Feb 2003

Well I will keep with Flamewall, although it is unknown and is in Beta stage it is very good.

Far better than ports left open by XP firewall.

You trust microsoft dont you!!! Well I dont anymore on the security side (no offence) if iot leaves open ports!


Anyone else if you would try the trojan prot scan it would help with my research into Microsoft Security, and Flamewall (Who I work with) Security are working on optimising the XP firewall and I have been conducting tests to see how good it is. All I can say, what a godd firewall if it leaves open Ports and also only protects ncoming connections and scans not outgoing. Bye bye, XP Firewall!

  mikef™ 22:39 19 Feb 2003

Gaz 25 just run the test and all my ports are blocked.

I'm using zonealarm and downloaded Steve Gibsons small program to close the XP network port the other night. If you haven'y downloaded it you can find it here click here

  accord 22:39 19 Feb 2003

im using NFW 2003 and results from the link are all BLOCKED. although i do have XP firewall checked aswell.

  Gaz 25 22:50 19 Feb 2003

Seams to have blocked port 8080. Now why did microsoft not block it unless you are on a network???

Unsafe, eh?

Anyway, I think still for full safety back to a trusted firewall.

  Gaz 25 22:54 19 Feb 2003

??? Any Ideas why it is open????


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