Closing non responding programs

  Legolas 18:01 04 Sep 2006

A while ago I seen a free piece of software that would close a non responding programme if trying to close it from Windows Task Manager doesnt work, I was wondering if anyone knows of this software and if so where I can download it

  rodriguez 18:08 04 Sep 2006

One trick I use is to go into the Processes tab on the Task Manager and click where it says CPU twice which will bring the process that uses the most resources up first. Click on that one or the process that's stopped responding and click End Process.

  eedcam 18:58 04 Sep 2006

this usually happens if you have error reporting enabled which means not only is the program you are using struggling but windows cocks it up by trying to make a report if you find your CPU is flat out on these occasions. disable error reporting. your programmes will nearly always close straight away on end task then

  ACOLYTE 18:59 04 Sep 2006

This any help?

click here

  rawprawn 19:07 04 Sep 2006

End it All click here

  rawprawn 19:11 04 Sep 2006

Sorry about the link, I found this after I tried to download.


Unfortunately the very useful formerly-freeware utility EndItAll2 which I have praised and recommended for years is no longer available free of charge to end users. While there are a number of copies still floating around the web for those who look hard enough due to the intervention of the Ziff-Davis, Inc legal team and their false accusations to my ISP that I personally have been providing their copywrited program, links to the program can no longer be found on this web site. Those prepared to pay for a subscription can find it available at

  ACOLYTE 19:18 04 Sep 2006

click here

Enditall2 about 8th down the list

  961 19:26 04 Sep 2006

Doesn't it make you want to.....

  Legolas 20:01 04 Sep 2006

Thanks for the responses, ACOLYTE as enitall is not free might try your reg fix, rawprawn it was enditall I seen before pity it is no longer free, ACOLYTE just seen your link downloaded and installed free excellent work all. rodriguez and eedcam good tips will keep them in mind. Once again the forum members have excelled themselves.

  rawprawn 18:01 05 Sep 2006

Thanks for that, very handy I thought we couldn't get it free anymore

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