Closing down PC problem

  Matata 15:39 06 Aug 2007

When I close down and before my PC shuts off, a small window appears with the following words in the blue title bar "End program-MCCWSA Window".
A blue moving dotted line shows up and when completed, I am being asked to end the programm.
When I press the "end now" button, only than does my PC shut down. I am a windows XP user.
How can i get back to a normal shut down please?


  Technotiger 16:21 06 Aug 2007

MCCWSAWindow seems to be dependent on operation of BTHelpNotifier.exe. If you've got BTHelpNotifier.exe running (click on the Processes tab in with Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del)), you'll see that BTHelpNotifier.exe is responsible for slight but constant CPU usage. As this is a non-essential process that is using up system resources, and as it's not necessary to run at startup, it's best to disable it, and in so doing resolve the non-terminating MCCWSAWindow annoyance.

Click on Run, via the Start button, and type in "msconfig" (not the quotes). Click on the Startup tab. Uncheck BTHelpNotifier. Then re-boot. You will still have to manually end MCCWSAWindow on this re-boot, of course, because BTHelpNotifier is still running, but subsequent re-boots will not be hampered by MCCWSAWindow's failure to terminate.

  Matata 17:48 06 Aug 2007

The problem seems to have been solved but I now get a message to undo the change I have made before my pc shuts down. Can you advise please

  Technotiger 18:34 06 Aug 2007

Run CCleaner click here this may fix the problem.

And/Or is there a box to tick alongside that messsage to 'not show this message again', if so
tick that box, then do a restart.

  Matata 14:09 07 Aug 2007

Problem now solved.
Very many thanks for your help.

  Technotiger 14:43 07 Aug 2007

Grreat - my pleasure!

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