Closing Down Explorer

  shaduf 21:37 16 Apr 2003

Whenever I want to leave the net I close down Explorer using File, Close and I am left with an option box asking if I want to close down.
I accept and I am off the net.
Until a week ago that is.
Now when I close Explorer down it just goes back to desktop and I don,t hear the phone click as I go off. I am still on the net until I close the computer down.

I don't know what changed it but I can't find a switch or solution anywhere. It's got to be so simple or perhaps I am!.


  MAJ 21:46 16 Apr 2003

In IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab, highlight your default connection, click the Settings button, click the Advanced button then tick the box which says "Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed".

  shaduf 21:56 16 Apr 2003

Thanks MAJ for your prompt response and clear instruction.

I've just tried it but it didn't work unfortunately. When I left IE I was back to the desktop but still on line.

Any other ideas?

  Tim1964 22:01 16 Apr 2003

That might make a difference.

  crx16 22:05 16 Apr 2003

do you not have an icon in the notification area,that you can right-click and disconnect?

do you have XP,i seem to remember a lot of threads about this 'box' not appearing when it should,for no reason.

  MAJ 22:18 16 Apr 2003

Make sure that you don't have Outlook Express opened or minimised to the taskbar, shaduf. It seems that something still needs the connection. Have you done a virus and/or spyware check recently?

  shaduf 14:53 17 Apr 2003

Yes I've tried the "Top Right X" but doesn't make any difference. I go back to the blue desktop but I'm still connected.

Not quite sure what the notification area is?

Good points - will make sure I have the latest AVG and then run it.

Thanks all


  crx16 15:18 17 Apr 2003

notification area - the area in the bottom right of your screen, next to the clock there are icons showing you running programs,sometimes refrerred to a system tray.

i have 2 icons which give me an option to disconnect on right-click,heres a picture click here

  shaduf 21:44 17 Apr 2003

Got it - by jove I've got it.

Thanks for that crx16 - you were spot on. Down in the bottom right was an Icon for Tiscali with the option to close down and it worked.

Thanks to all.


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