Closing Down

  Phoenix40 15:40 18 Oct 2005

Hello i have a problem which is happening more frequently since after my virus problem and then resetting my computer software.I did have this problem before but not so often.Its when im closing down the computer doesnt turn off completely and i have to do it by turning off the switch which causes it next time when booting up having to go through a scandisk check which takes time and also sometimes now which it didnt do before sometimes crashes straightaway at desktop so i have to end up rebooting again.I use Wins 98SE and an Nvidia 420X graphics card.I have installed antiviruses,firewall and spybots now can any of these affect the computer.Its not exactly a major problem just rather irritating im just wondering if theres anything that causes it or i just have to live with it thanks for any ideas.

  splork 16:03 18 Oct 2005

Boot in safe mode, look in Device Manager for old or duplicated devices and remove them, if the PC keeps hanging during shutdown, type msconfig into the run dialogue box, under the startup tab uncheck everything, then keep shutting down, restarting, ticking one more item to allow it to load with windows again, until you find the problem task.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 18 Oct 2005

click here

  Phoenix40 22:49 18 Oct 2005

Hello thanks for your reply.I will look into it.It seems a rather lengthy process this problem sometimes happens but it seems more often now.Also i forgot to mention that when i turn it off manually the computer also sometimes starts up again automatically i see what i can do thanks.

  phono 23:16 18 Oct 2005

If you try everything suggested at the site that Fruit Bat /\0/\ provided the link for without any luck you could always try the Microsoft Win 98SE shutdown patch from here click here

  Phoenix40 20:08 19 Oct 2005

Hello thanks a lot phono ive d/loaded that for the moment until ive sorted out the other methods.

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