closing account from pcadvisor forums

  xperian 18:56 10 Feb 2009

I would like to know how can i close my account and my posting on this forum - I am pretty angry about my post being locked out. Due a personal reason i have email my viewings regarding about this to someone. This is because on computeractive there is topic called genealogy so i am sure if i post something in there i am sure i wouldn't have got the topic locked cos thousand of other people would wanted to know why cant we track people from 2005 to 2009 from those website. I mean lot of people who are starting on family trees wouldnt know the answer. Its not a complex situation - as we all can use ukphonebook which has electoral roll in and so on.

I am suprised there is no way we can delete our post on this if we needed to or have the option of closing the account.


  xperian 19:08 10 Feb 2009

I do apologise for this post - like i say before i have lots of cousin who were born in past 3 years but you know we dont have to ask where they were born as it would be easier to find out on the internet!!! I do understand abt the government and their Data protection act but you have to realised i can check the electoral roll as well. I have tracked down so many cousins from the electoral roll as i have been doing the family tree for past 5 years!

All the best

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:15 10 Feb 2009

eh? If you cannot see why your post was locked then it was locked for a good reason.


  tullie 19:17 10 Feb 2009

eh too?

  laurie53 19:40 10 Feb 2009

The best way to close your "account" with this forum is not to log into it any more!

  Stuartli 19:53 10 Feb 2009

If you have lots of cousins who were born in the last three years, how are you going to find out about them on the Net?

The electoral roll carries details of those who are 18 or over.

  MAT ALAN 20:17 10 Feb 2009

If we knew WHo exactly you are trying to find and WHY you are trying to find them, we will be able to tell you if any help is available to you without getting into the realms of confidentiality...

The issue we have is that we really do not know if these people want to be found and to be aparty to that would be outside of this forums protocol...

  xperian 21:11 10 Feb 2009

my post was locked out from the topic that i made

i was just stating the fact i emailed the forum moderator to ask if it was ok for the post to be posted on - then i had lots of responses then the forum editor emailed me saying thats is fine then suddenly he locked the topic up. There would be lots of people wondering if they can find their relatives or friends if they are starting to do the family tree. i was just making a conversation about cousins as my mother and i have made a chart and we put where they were born but sometimes our family doesnt tell us. It would be nice to see their names on ancestry - thats all.

I am just saying that 2005 to 2009 on ancestry - we cannot find any information about our family or friend so on because they have change the rules so on.

I was just assuming if we contact the salvation army or the missing person - they would help to track down the person that we know.

I was wondering why we cant look up from 2005 to 2009 on ancestry for birth and marriage and death.

Dont worry and forget what i said - i was just pretty angry - cos i wasnt saying who i wanted to look for - i was only asking if there is anyway of finding people on the internet as ancestry never said why we cant track down people from 2005 onwards.

Ok i wont bother to log in anymore - many thanks for the help in past few months


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