Cloning System Disk

  COUCHER 01:36 09 Aug 2006

I have installed Vista beta 2 on a 20giga HDD and find its too small to take much else. Having a spare 120 giga hdd I though I would clone the drive over using Norton Ghost 10 but alas it won't run on Vista. Has anyone any ideas what I could use to transfer the whole system over rather than going through the whole setup and downloading all the updates again.
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  Gaz 25 02:19 09 Aug 2006
  Rigor mortis 06:45 09 Aug 2006
  COUCHER 01:40 10 Aug 2006

Thanks but I couldn't get any of them to run on Vista so I,with much trouble,loaded it from the ISO disk. Now its down to loading all the updates.
Again thanks

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  vinnyT 11:09 10 Aug 2006

Don't know about Ghost 10, but in TI8 you can make a boot cd, which basically boots the true image program from the cd, crucially without booting into windows (Vista, or otherwise).

If you can do this in Ghost 10, then you will be able to make a clone of the hd from the cd (it acts like the main prog) to your larger drive.

Hope this helps.

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