Cloning in Photoshop Elements

  shellship 18:32 03 Jul 2011

I want to do remove unwanted bits from a photo. I alt-click to select the source area but it moves with the clone tool whether the align box is checked or not. How do I fix the source irrespective of where the clone tool is, please.

  QuizMan 22:49 03 Jul 2011

So far as I know this is how the Aligned checkbox is intended to work. I use PSE9 and the help file states that:

"Alligned - Moves the sampled area with the cursor as you begin to paint, regardless of how many times you stop and resume painting. Selecting this option is useful when you want to eliminate unwanted areas, such as a telephone line across the skyline or a rip in a scanned photo. If Aligned is deselected, the Clone Stamp tool applies the sampled area from the initial sampling point each time you stop and resume painting. Deselecting this option is useful for applying multiple copies of the same part of an image to different areas within the same image or to another image."

Sadly, this is probably not helping your actual query, but it does explain the Aligned function. strong text

  woodchip 23:27 03 Jul 2011

On my Edit Program after clicking on clone it brings up two rings or squares etc depending what you want to do one you can Set by holding the shift key and moving the mouse of the other one then clone what the first one is on. practise then turn off without saving and open again and have another go. You can remove cracks in photos or objects

  woodchip 23:29 03 Jul 2011

PS When using Clone Select to remove scratch or crack select a bit near the crack that is ok. then dust out the crack with the tool

  eedcam 05:43 04 Jul 2011

Possible answer here also double clicking can affect link text

I would use that forum for your queries Personally I only use the clone tool for the minimal of repairs most times its better to select a suitable area and paste that over inverting or altering the brightness etc to blend if needed

  shellship 15:41 04 Jul 2011

Thanks eedcam (and the others). Had tried the PS forum before and just got what Quizman said. Will continue to experiment. May be that PSE 7 is not so facile!

  hssutton 17:45 04 Jul 2011

Ok shellship I've never used Elements, so probably have no idea what I'm talking about.

I have though been using Photoshop for over 10 years and what you describe regarding selecting the source is how it's done in PS, moving the mouse moves the source selection, when hovered over the destination a left click will then deposit the souce over the destination. All this is controlled via the softness/hardness and size of the selected brush and also via the opacity.

The source moving with the clone tool is how it should be. Alignment is often done manually, but for critical alignment where the section to be cloned is close to an area you do not want to disturb, you can create a selection using a marquee tool of your choice, the source selection will then be placed within the selected area. any overspill from the clone tool will not overlap the selected area.

  eedcam 17:56 04 Jul 2011

But his problem is the source point moves regardless of whether Align is selected or not Which it should not do if not selected

  woodchip 20:30 04 Jul 2011

Yes it does, but as long as it stays inside the bit you want to copy it will be okay. You may need to adjust it from time to time

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