Cloning HD using Acronis TI.

  nagonlouse 15:48 30 May 2007


Hi all,
I have a 300 GB hard disk that has Windows XP home on it plus all files and folders amounting to approx 10 GB, it is not partitioned and would like to Clone it to an external hard disk that is partitioned into 4 x100 GB approx partitions. I have tried using acronis TI and it rejects the clone saying, ` not enough space on partition on destination HD`. There is no data on any of the 4 x 100GB partitions. Does the destination Drive have to be the same size as the source drive. Thanks all.

  sunny staines 16:09 30 May 2007

acronis does not seem to be up to much, spent ages last night on the aconis seagate cloning and got nowhere.

  cocteau48 16:14 30 May 2007

I think,and someone may well prove me wrong here, that when you attempt to clone your entire HD Acronis will attempt to clone the entire (300GB in your case)
disk and not just the used 10GB. It will therefore be looking for 300GB of space on your Ext HD. I Think that is how it works.

  Snec 16:17 30 May 2007

I think you'd be better taking a drive image, rather than cloning.

sunny staines,
Didn't you discover you had a faulty drive?

  sunny staines 16:32 30 May 2007

the drive seemed to work when i copied files to it but seagate tools dianostics reported DST FAIL.

Acronis seagate could not seem to clone partition to partition only complete hdd to complete hdd unless i was going wrong somwhere.

  rawprawn 16:36 30 May 2007

I agree with cocteau48, if you look in Acronis Help it tells you that the new HD that you are copying to must be bigger that the cloned disc (or at least as big.

  freaky 16:38 30 May 2007

If you decide to clone your HD to an external HD using Acronis True Image, then you cannot be selective about what you clone.

The cloning process involves deleting all the data on the external, and replacing it with data from drive (C). Hence the term 'Clone' meaning an exact replica.

The destination drive must be at least the size of the data occupied on the source drive.

Contrary to cocteau48 post above, I consider Acronis True Image Home V10.0 excellent, and far superior to Norton Ghost.

  stylehurst 16:39 30 May 2007

As stated by cocteau48 cloning the HDD will attempt to clone the whole 300Gb, hence the failure when trying to put it on a 100Gb partition. You would be much better off if you created a disk image; with about 10Gb used your image will probably be in the region of 4-5Gb if you use normal compression.
For future reference when cloning a drive the destination drive must be no smaller than than the source drive.

  cocteau48 16:51 30 May 2007

Excuse me Freaky but where in my posting do I say anything detrimental about Acronis.
I think it is the greatest thing since the proverbial sliced bread and have said so on previous threads:
"Live without it at your peril"

  rawprawn 16:53 30 May 2007

Where does cocteau48 knock Acronis, am i missing something?

  freaky 17:33 30 May 2007

Sorry, I should have said "sunny staines" post above.

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